River cruiser collides with tanker on the Rhine

A cruise ship and a tanker collided at the level of the Rhine bridge near Wesel. Seven people were injured in the process. The course of the accident is still under investigation. A tanker and a river cruise ship collided at the Rhine bridge near Wesel. Seven people were slightly injured, but were able to […]

Where are all the ships now?

Z.Two weeks after the cancellation of all cruises, some scattered ships are still looking for open ports to disembark their passengers and fly home. Meanwhile, anchorages and berths for decommissioned cruise ships are becoming scarce. And the crew is mostly stuck on the ships. There has never been a comparable situation before the corona virus […]

Twenty Dutch people on ship with corona infections MS Zaandam | NOW

Twenty Dutch people are on the Zaandam cruise ship of the Holland America Line (HAL) off the coast of Panama. That confirmed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday. Two coronavirus infections were diagnosed on the ship on Thursday. The HAL announced on Friday that four passengers have died on MS Zaandam. It is not […]

48 Indonesians test positive for COVID-19 overseas: Foreign Ministry – World

Forty-eight Indonesian citizens have tested positive for COVID-19 overseas, says the government, including those infected while on international cruises, proven to be a hot spot for the deadly virus spread. As of Thursday, the Foreign Ministry had recorded 14 confirmed cases in Singapore, 13 in Malaysia, nine in Japan, eight in India, one in Taiwan, […]

Aussies evacuated from cruise in lifeboats

Dozens of Australian passengers aboard an international cruise ship broke the ship in lifeboats when they made the mad rush home amid the coronavirus pandemic. The MV Columbus – owned by Cruise and Maritime Voyages – has hundreds of Australians on board after the last stops in Sydney, Cairns and Darwin. The ship, which can […]

Coronavirus shutdowns spread in the US as the death toll approached 70

If there was one of the knowledge last week, then it seems to be one of the reality. Millions of Americans have already disturbed their daily lives, and millions more are changing due to the rapidly evolving development Corona virus Response from local, state and federal agencies. Several of the largest cities in the U.S. […]

Chaos at US airports as screenings causes delays

When tired coronavirus-related travelers returned to the United States Travel restrictionsThey were greeted with hours of waiting for required medical exams at airports. Social media noted that passengers at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago waited more than four hours in winding queues and were criticized by elected representatives from Illinois. Governor J. B. Pritzker tweeted […]

Spain is blocked according to the Italian model

Every aspect of modern life will be hit if comprehensive measures are taken to contain the coronavirus pandemic. President Trump has declared a national emergency and the house passed a law on Saturday to help the Americans. More and more places are closing their doors and events around the world are being canceled. On Saturday, […]

Trump declares a national emergency as the pandemic takes a toll

A week of dizzying escalation saw that Coronavirus pandemic Spread to more than 120 countries, including senior government officials around the world. Every aspect of modern life has been impacted as western countries, including the United States, increasingly adopt the types of controls that appear to have helped China overcome the worst COVID-19 outbreak. On […]

Coronavirus deaths in the U.S. are 32, with the epidemic still spreading rapidly

The number of coronavirus cases in the United States continues to increase, and the surgeon general says the epidemic has not yet peaked here. Due to federal delays, many state and local health authorities have caught up, and there is backlog of people waiting to be tested for COVID-19 disease. There were more than 1,000 […]