Life insurance, a Swiss army knife for all life projects

When it comes to wealth management, the rule of thumb is to think in terms of clients’ long-term life goals. What are their plans? Do they plan to change their lives? To move ? To start a new job? Do they have children, potential future students? Once established, the general life prospects (which are, of […]

OP Coins Up 300% in One Month, Analysts Expect 30 Percent Drop in August

The price of the Optimism coin (OP) has skyrocketed by almost 300% in over a month. It rose to $2.31, its second-highest on record, on Aug. 4, before dropping to $1.9 now following news of developments. Ethereum (Ethereum) in layer-2 Optimism is an Ethereum layer-2 solution that enhances the scalability of the core chain. And […]

Investing in crypto? Here are top tips from an expert

Is it the right time to invest in cryptocurrencies? The answer will be cautious… While the question remains sulphurous. Diving into investments of a new era which remain frowned upon by our authorities. ******* **** *** ******************** **** ***** ***** ******* *** ******* *********** ******* ** ********* **** ** ******* ************ *************** *** ** ****** […]

ZIPMEX bankrupt… Yvod investor / Sunan Srichantra

digital asset crisis or cryptocurrency which was caused by the collapse of the LUNA coin has not yet calmed and counted the bodies of countless speculators. The digital asset business in Thailand is in turmoil again after ZIPMEX, a digital asset trading center. Announcement to suspend trading and withdrawal of ZIPUP coins ZIPMEX (Thailand) Co., […]

Tesla Sells Bitcoin Worth IDR 14 Trillion All – Last year, Tesla announced it was buying Bitcoin worth tens of trillions. But slowly, Tesla seems to be starting to “adjust” his Bitcoin assets. Recently, Tesla decided to sell his Bitcoin again. Unmitigated, the company led by Elon Musk released about 75 percent of Bitcoin and turned it into fiat currency or the […]

Polygon Coin (MATIC) surges more than 100% as big companies continue to invest

system development Polygon (MATIC) and continued recognition This led the MATIC coin price up 118% to $0.70 from $0.316 on June 18, 2022. Polygon is 15th on the Coin Market Cap Index. Polygon is a layer 2 development of a network.etherium (ETH) that want to build a sustainable Web3 infrastructure. Long-term investment in the Polygon […]

The Story of RI Bitcoin Miners, Sitting Silently Raising Hundreds of Millions

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In the world of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, there is activity mining or mining is done by people all over the world including in Indonesia. One of the people who struggled to be full time miner, dedicating his computer equipment only to mine Bitcoin, is Adhy Surya. He claimed to have known […]

Rp 150 T Crypto Dealer Lost, What About Investor Funds?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The fall in crypto prices has put the Three Arrows Capital hedge fund in trouble. In the past, this company managed assets of US$ 10 billion or equivalent to Rp. 150 trillion (assuming Rp. 15,000/US$), now it is filing for bankruptcy. Now, the two founders of Three Arrows Capital are hiding […]