Strong explosions shake the city of Santiago de Cuba

Two strong explosions shook the city of Santiago de Cuba at noon on Friday. Both were related to dynamite overload in the Guaos Quarry to recover arrears in production of aggregates for the construction of houses. The shock wave from the detonations shook windows, ledges and even the roofs of the peripheral neighborhoods of the […]

A missing young Cuban appears dead

The young Cuban Alessandro Rodríguez Aguiar was found dead in Santa Clara after a week reported missing. “Relatives and friends of the young man who disappeared in Santa Clara since last Friday, January 7, have just confirmed the sad news that His lifeless body appeared in areas of the University of Medical Sciences“, reported the […]

Empty shelves in the US? › World › Granma

A news, which seems unusual, travels the world: CNN affirms that there are shortages in supermarkets in the United States. He added that those who run the establishments see no short-term solution, while “disgruntled” shoppers have “vented their frustration on social media.” Images of empty shelves at stores like Trader Joe’s, Giant Foods and Publix […]

Havana authorities announce new measures ‘to alleviate public transport deficit’

The Temporary Work Group of Havana announced a group of measures aimed at alleviating the deficit of the transport public in the capital, among which is the entry into operation of 40 new buses for peak hours in the morning and afternoon, reported Havana Tribune. Engineer Leandro Méndez Peña, director of the General Directorate of […]

MINSAP seals a ‘health’ business to manage a hotel with a Canadian pro-Castro company

The Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos SA and the Canadian Mercantile Society Cubaheal Medical Tourism Inc., related to the Cuban Government, signed on Friday a contract for the administration of the Aparthotel Ortop of the Frank País International Orthopedic Scientific Complex on the Island. It is the “first contract of the International Economic Association in […]

The 10 million go! (+ Video) ›Cuba› Granma

And yes, they were. We did it. We arrived and surpassed that “magic” number of people with a first dose of our Sovereigns or Abdala. An extraordinary feat that we hardly notice, immersed in our daily lives. This means that the cap on vaccinated is being reached among a population of just over 11 million […]

What should you do if you travel to Cuba after the reopening to tourism?

Travelers at the José Martí International Airport in Havana, on November 15, 2020. AFP-Getty Images A few weeks ago, the Cuban government approved a set of new sanitary measures and on transactions in dollars with a view to the reopening of the country to tourism on November 15. Cuban residents and citizens of the United […]

Oil shipments from Venezuela to Cuba soar in October

Caracas exported 66,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil and refined products to Cuba in October, an increase compared to 58,000 in September and 40,000 in August. These figures exceed those agreed in the bilateral agreement between the governments of Cuba and Venezuela for the supply of crude oil to the Island., called Comprehensive […]