Which zebra looks into the camera? – Wel.nl

It looks like Siamese twins, but they are just two zebras with their heads looking into the camera exactly at the same time. The question that is currently on the internet is: Which zebra do you see in the foreground, the left or the right? The photo was taken last year in the Maasai Mara […]

Covid-19: Cases of infection multiply

With 62 cases in the last 24 hours, the country has 458 cases, of which 23 deaths, 117 recovered and 319 active. The new cases were all registered in the province of Luanda. Regarding the death that occurred in the last hours, the minister explained that it was a patient who was in critical condition […]

Width football – Deserves serious dialogue

This spring has been heavy and demanding for many. Including Minister of Culture Abid Raja. This week he stands in the middle of the storm’s eye again. While community area by community area opens up, it still stands for the wide football. Only at the earliest from September 1 will open matches and trainings with […]

“They cause more damage than they prevent” – Wel.nl

Current corona measures cause more damage than they prevent. This is the opinion of more than 13,000 people from the medical world, including 600 doctors. They signed a fire letter, in which they also indicate that the measures lack scientific substantiation. “The measures were good at first, let that be clear. You have to do […]

138 cases of dengue confirmed on the island

The quantified assessment of the epidemic indicates 138 cases of dengue fever confirmed throughout the island from June 22 to 28, 2020. We are publishing the press release from the Reunion prefecture in full. The circulation of dengue fever is decreasing. Vigilance recommended to travelers After an epidemic peak reached at the end of April […]

three Marseillaises arrested after having robbed two men

Miscellaneous facts 08-07-2020 at 08:17 Photo d’illustration – LyonMag Three women in their twenties, from Marseille, were arrested this Sunday in Saint-Priest, suspected of having robbed two men contacted via dating sites. The police found jewelry, video games, and € 2,500 in cash in their hotel room. The young women, released, are summoned to justice […]