Study shows link between polluted air and asthma attacks in children

An American study associated two air pollutants – fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and ozone (O3) – with non-viral asthma attacks in children and adolescents. From the analyses, the researchers concluded that there is a higher incidence of airway inflammation among people in these age groups who live in low-income urban areas in the United States. […]

The first self-adhesive TV makes its appearance

With this new technological innovation which is emerging at the start of 2023, viewers will no longer need to make holes to mount their TV, they just have to stick it directly on a wall or a window. This is what the start-up Displace is offering this year at CES 2023, which officially starts this […]

They ruined a beauty because of Kylian Mbappe PHOTOS

SEE OUR PAGE BOOKMAKER HERE! The ex-partner of the Dutch football player Gregory van der Wiel – the model Rose Bertram complained of harassment on social networks because of the French star Kylian Mbappe. A month ago, there were rumors that the two were dating, and the beauty complained that all this was harming her […]

Ecological Health seeks a balance between people and the environment

Ecological Health represents a new concept that seeks to integrate the physical and mental health of people with the health of the environment that surrounds them. In an interview for the show Good vibestransmitted by Venezuelan Television (VTV), the specialist in comprehensive general medicine and Ecological Health, Rene Moreno, explained that this topic is based […]

Bulgarians found thousands of euros and amazed Germany

SEE OUR PAGE BOOKMAKER HERE! Two Bulgarian football players who visited Germany made a local resident happy after they found and returned a substantial amount of money and important documents. It is about 6,500 euros including debit and credit cards, which also have the pin codes. Tsvetomir Tsanev, football player of CSKA 1948, and Slaven […]

Kairis’ feature film “January” does not continue the fight for “Oscar”

Latvian director Viesturs Kairis’ feature film “January” will not continue the fight for the Academy Award “Oscar” in the category “Best Foreign Film”. The extended list of “Oscar” applicants was published on the website of the award organizers on Wednesday, but Kairis’ film “Janvāris” is not on the list. As reported, the National Cinema Center […]

Why should you buy auto insurance?

Having auto insurance is a must before hitting the road. No matter what you drive, it can be one of the most important and practical ways to protect your safety and your property. If you are thinking of buying car insurance, this article is for you! We’ll explore all the reasons you need car insurance. […]

Seven things to know about Africa-US relations: a perspective

At the time of the holding of the second Africa/United States summit, a look back at the main stages in the evolution of relations between Washington and the African continent. The real profit of the United States for the territories of Africa dates from the period of decolonization, which brought about the brutal acceleration of […]

“Superiority of democracy, full stop”

By Charles Jaigu Published yesterday at 7:48 p.m., Update yesterday at 7:48 p.m. Amartya Sen. SEBASTIEN SORIANO/Le Figaro CHRONICLE – Economist Amartya Sen publishes his Memoirs. Story of an Indian humanist straddling several worlds, whose work on famine and extreme poverty are landmarks. There are few economists quoted as much as Amartya Sen. This pioneer […]