Doctors have developed a cure for human vampires

Scientists at the Icahn School of Medicine have developed a drug to treat rare conditions that make sun exposure painful. The study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. For people with a group of rare genetic diseases, exposure to sunlight can cause excruciating pain. In an early clinical trial, scientists tested the […]

Apparently fourth HIV cure through stem cell treatment

So far there have been three cases of healing: Berlin, Düsseldorf and London. Now, apparently, a special therapy has once again freed an HIV-infected woman from the virus. The transplantation of special stem cells from umbilical cord blood has very likely cured a New York patient of both her leukemia and her HIV disease. This […]

Cecília Esztergályos revealed such a vitamin cure that “the wall gives the other”

Rewrite this content Cecília Esztergályos at the Újszínház with a surprising gift was greeted on his 80th birthday. The director of the theater, György Dörner, came up with something special with his colleagues. The actress became a real adoptive parent, a beautiful one pink flamingo girl, Cecilia became his. THE Metropolitan Zoo and Botanical Garden […]

“We need time to heal, not to win the performance medal”

It is alarming that, in 2022, caregivers are leaving hospitals in droves and that hospitals are no longer able to meet the needs of their patients. Evidence of this is the cancellation of certain medical or surgical procedures, the transfer of patients to other cities, and the inadequate number of caregivers working in unsafe conditions. […]

Soon a messenger RNA vaccine to defeat skin cancer?

Since the health crisis, messenger RNA has been known to the general public. After the development of vaccines against Covid-19, this unprecedented technology is now used for the benefit of cancer. The cooperation between Merck and Moderna laboratories has led to the development of a vaccine against melanoma. Since 2016, Merck and Moderna laboratories have […]

The first statement from Xavi after the harsh defeat in “El Clasico”

Xavi said in comments after the loss: “Our dynamic is not working in a positive way. We are trying. It was a good opportunity for us to stay at the top.” He added: “Real Madrid defended well, and we did not take advantage of the opportunities that were presented to us, or the lapses in […]