Ex-world champion Pauline Schäfer: Serious allegations against gymnastics trainer

Gymnastics star Pauline Schäfer had been harassed by her trainer for years, but when she decided to “no longer just be the little gymnastics robot”, it had become “particularly bad”. At least that’s what the former balance beam world champion says in the magazine “Der Spiegel”. The 23-year-old shepherd says she is fed up with […]

Media group Axel Springer: to the top of the world with Döpfner?

With the help of the financial investor KKR, the media group wants to become the world market leader in digital business behind the “Bild” newspaper. Where is Springer headed under its major shareholder Mathias Döpfner? By Lothar Gries, boerse.ARD.de “Springer is now Döpfner,” wrote the German Press Agency in September when it became known that […]

Thanksgiving in the US: Risky Family Reunion Trip

Despite clear reminders, many Americans have set out to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. Experience has shown that the number of infections increases after such holidays. By Peter Mücke, ARD-Studio New York The US health authority CDC had warned: This year, Thanksgiving should only be celebrated at home and only with people from your own […]

945 people in Krefeld are currently infected with coronavirus

November 10, 2020 at 12:39 pm pandemic : 945 people in Krefeld are currently infected with coronavirus The city’s health department reported 44 new cases for Tuesday. Photo: dpa / Robert Michael Krefeld There are 44 new corona cases in Krefeld. 945 people are currently infected, four fewer than on Monday. The number of corona […]

After disruptive action in the Bundestag: AfD ban proceedings not excluded

After the disruptive actions of AfD guests in the Bundestag, the chairman of the conference of interior ministers, Maier, does not rule out a ban on the party. CSU regional group leader Dobrindt draws a comparison with the NPD. The chairman of the conference of interior ministers, Georg Maier, thinks it is conceivable that a […]

Pandemic in the USA: More than a quarter of a million corona deaths

US experts warn of a “dangerous point” in the corona pandemic: the number of deaths related to the virus has exceeded 250,000. In addition, there is the strongest increase in new infections to date. Since the corona pandemic began, more than a quarter of a million people have died after being infected with the virus. […]

RCEP agreement: “From the factory to the world market”

The RCEP agreement has created the world’s largest free trade area in Asia. As a result, previous big players fell behind, says Asia expert Hanns Hilpert. He explains how Europe and the US can benefit. tagesschau.de: Mr. Hilpert, who will benefit from this free trade agreement called RCEP? Hanns Hilpert: All 15 states that participate […]

Ruhr-Kreis – Corona update 10/10/2020: 976 infections, 830 healthy, 130 sick

Ennepe-Ruhr district – Corona update: (pen) There are 976 confirmed corona cases in the Ennepe-Ruhr district (as of Saturday, October 10, 9 a.m.), of which 830 are considered recovered. The number of infections has increased by 13 within the last 24 hours. The seven-day incidence, i.e. the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in […]

Swiss pediatrician: Remo Largo dies at the age of 76

His books shaped the upbringing style of millions of parents: The Swiss pediatrician and author Remo Largo died at the age of 76. He also made a name for himself as a researcher in the field of child development. The Swiss pediatrician Remo H. Largo is dead. He died on November 11th at the age […]

WHO: Increasing deaths from measles

The WHO is sounding the alarm. In 2019 there were more measles cases worldwide than there had been in two decades. More than 207,000 people died. The increase in diseases could intensify – one reason: Corona. According to the United Nations, a lack of vaccination protection has led to the spread of measles. The World […]