Tour de Côte d’Or 2023: The teams involved – News

The Tour de Côte d’Or has unveiled the list of teams selected for its 2023 edition. The organizing club, SCO Dijon-Team, has selected 22 teams: 19 N1s, two N2s and one N3. The Elite National stage race will take place from July 7 to 9 (see here). The winner will succeed Julien Souton on […]

Vendée U: “It’s up to them to write their story” – News

The Vendée U was quick to put the church back in the middle of the village. Beaten by Baptiste Veistroffer on Saturday at the Boucles de l’Essor despite being overrepresented in the breakaway, the Vendeans dominated the Circuit de l’Essor the next day, the second round of the Essor Basque (see ranking). After this first […]

Benjamin Thomas: “If I hadn’t reacted in a second…” – News

Rewrite this content Benjamin Thomas will have the choice to dress for the presentation of the Cofidis team this Friday. Blue-white-red jersey or French Champion jersey. With her colleagues Valentine Fortin and Victoire Berteau, they broke the bank of the Championship with four gold medals this Thursday evening at the Stab’ in Roubaix. Benjamin Thomas […]

CC – French Championship: The automatically qualified – News

The general classifications of the Coupe de France cyclo-cross are used to automatically qualify the best-ranked riders for the French Championship which will take place in Bagnoles de l’Orne on January 14 and 15. For those who are not in this list, there are still the quotas of the regional committees. If each committee is […]

C’Chartres Cyclisme: The 2023 squad – News

C’Chartres Cyclisme will be able to count on a workforce of sixteen riders for its N2 in 2023, including its reserve. Six new riders join the team whose jerseys you can find by clicking here. The 2023 squad of C’Chartres Cyclisme :ElitesBaptiste Constantin, 28 years oldJulien Dujardin, 21 years old (USSA Pavilly Barentin)Matthieu Durpaix, 26 […]

Cyclo-cross of Montluçon: Rankings – News

Quentin Navarro (Team Motrio-Safir-Ganova) won this Saturday the cyclo-cross from Bien-Assis to Montluçon (Allier), organized by the Team Cycliste Montluçon. He was ahead of Baptiste Vadic (Vendée U) and Nathan Dos Reis Graca (VC Villefranche Beaujolais).Quentin Navarro succeeds Baptiste Constantin (C’Chartres Cyclisme) on the list of winners. Rankings:Seniors and Hopefuls1. NAVARRO Quentin TEAM MOTRIO SAFIR […]

Cyclo-cross of Colomiers: Rankings – News

Valentin Cosnier (C’Chartres Cyclisme) won the Colomiers cyclo-cross (Haute-Garonne) on Sunday, organized by US Colomiers Cyclisme. He beat defending champion Thibaut Vassal (UV Mazamet) and Clément Laporte (CC Périgueux Dordogne). Rankings:Seniors and Hopefuls1. COSNIER Valentin C’CHARTRES CYCLING Senior2. VASSAL Thibaut UV MAZAMET Senior3. LAPORTE Clément CC PERIGUEUX DORDOGNE Senior4. QUILEZ Aurelien LVC TONNEINS Senior5. FESTINO […]

The European Cyclo-Cross Cup will return in 2023 – News

After a smooth start in 2021 (read here), the European Cyclo-Cross Cup does not take place in this 2022-2023 season. However, the president of the European Cycling Union Enrico Della Casa has confirmed that it will return to the calendar next season. “It is even already recognized by the UCI as Class 2”he says to […]

Two finishes at C’Chartres Cyclisme – News

C’Chartres Cyclisme announces the arrival of two riders for the 2023 season. They are Benjamin Bertrand (UV Descartes) and Julien Bouteiller (PL Paul Bert Tours). Benjamin Bertrand – our picture -, 22 years old, comes from the triathlon. He has three 3rd category victories in 2022. Julien Bouteiller, 19, won in 3rd category at Distré. […]

Dijon International Cyclo-cross: Rankings – News

Loris Rouiller (Cross Team Legendre) won the Dijon International cyclo-cross (C2) on Tuesday, organized by SCO Dijon. He beat defending champion Valentin Guillaud (Team Guevel Articréations) and Cyprien Gilles (ES Torigni). Rankings:Seniors and Hopefuls1. ROUILLER Loris CROSS TEAM LEGENDRE U 23 ESP in 1h02’42” 2. GUILLAUD Valentin TEAM GUEVEL ARTICREATIONS 1st 00:07 3. GILLES Cyprien […]