The charcoal kiln near Waldmünchen is the inspiration for extinct crafts

ONETZ: How long has charcoal been professionally made here? Juergen Koebler: I think the end of professional charcoal making can be dated to the mid-nineteenth century. When we built the first charcoal kiln in 1996, it was an absolute novelty. We have rebuilt something that already existed here, because the old cabbage sites can be […]

Tatra trucks have been improved | Drive

Tatra expanded the Force model range and at the same time retired the Terra model range. “The Force is our basic model range and is ready to meet the latest challenges with the new improved cabin, chassis and drivetrain. Later, it is expected that alternative drives will also appear for this product line” Lukáš Andrýsek, […]

The free road can also be used with a Hungarian license plate

From 2021, all-electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles, as well as plug-in hybrid cars with CO2 emissions below 50 g/km, vintage cars and vehicles transporting serious illnesses can use freeways in the Czech Republic. And those powered by gas get a 50% discount. In the Czech Republic, the electronic toll payment system is checked with cameras, as […]

Spain, a serious problem for the EU?, by Enrique Calvet Chambon

Within a year we will have a new European Commission, after elections to the European Parliament that are quite polarized in many member states. The EU is going through a very delicate moment, it cannot be denied, and it needs a convention and some new treaties that allow it to move quickly towards more and […]

The answer to never-ending price hikes? The VW Multivan is coming to the Czech Republic with a huge discount. Those interested will easily save a quarter of a million

Although we still consider it a hot automotive novelty, two years have already passed since the premiere of the Volkswagen Multivan T7. Since then, the range of engines, body lengths, but also various variants and derivatives has expanded. And if you have “the seven” in your sights, you will certainly be pleased with the latest […]

PEPCA’s owner went bankrupt. What does this mean for stores?

The PEPCO chain of stores with cheap textiles, household goods and other products has long been among the most popular among Czech consumers. The stores of this chain form a dense network, there are now almost 300 of them and more are growing. It is therefore not surprising that Czech customers were nervous about the […]