‘Evert Santegoeds is a piece of shit!’ – Wel.nl

Gordon is not happy with the revelations that his ex-fiancée Gavin had recorded by Privé. According to Gordon, Gavin is lying all together. “I now also understand that the piece of shit that calls itself Santegoeds has offered you money and that could explain your turnaround to gloat about our intimate relationship, something really low […]

10 Symptoms That You May Have Depression

Depression is not always easy to recognize. He can be obvious, but he can also express himself in ways other than gloom. – Feeling sad and empty for a long time – Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed – Insomnia or sleeping too much – Fatigue and lack of energy – Changes in appetite […]

Grain, bankruptcies, maybas and war in Ukraine

Now is the time for the cabinet, industry and scientific associations institutions to put agriculture on the fast “Israeli” tracks The scandal with the ban on food imports from Ukraine to Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland created a fierce conflict between consumers, farmers and producers. Accompanied by unprecedented hate of some groups against others in […]

there are three possible explanations – Wel.nl

Last year, 6,000 more Dutch people died than expected, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands. And that is not counting the flu and corona. This means that the excess mortality is still quite high and, moreover, inexplicable. “We have had to deal with a kind of general increase in mortality,” researcher Ruben van Gaalen of […]

Those who drove the state to a 6.4% deficit and new debt to gloat?

Together with the PP-DB, we can bear the responsibility, but through the management, specified the new head of the parliament The Speaker of the Parliament, Rosen Zhelyazkov, announced that GERB is ready to govern with the mandate of the PP-DB coalition, if they make a firm commitment to a stable cabinet. But not in the […]

In a little while, the construction of “Struma” and across the gorge will begin

The Basin Directorate in Blagoevgrad gave a positive opinion The basin directorate in Blagoevgrad has given a positive opinion on the construction of the “Struma” highway through the Kresnen Gorge, according to a statement from the department uploaded on its website. According to him, the infamous Lot 3.2 is eligible because it is compatible with […]

A new drug enters the market in our country (Overview)

A new type of narcotic substance enters the market in the country. This was announced by the Ministry of the Interior. In recent days, the ministry has checked more than 1,000 commercial establishments. 13 investigations have also started. The most drug analogues are in Stara Zagora, and in Smolyan they are available in shops close […]

Serious accident on Orlov Bridge in Sofia, a car is on the roof (Video, photos)

A serious accident took place in the area of ​​Orlov Most in Sofia, it became clear from a post in the “Catastrophes in Sofia” Facebook group. A car flipped onto a roof and hit a public transport bus. The reasons for the accident are still unclear. According to eyewitnesses, no one was injured. Stay tuned […]