The Euribor falls to 3.5% in the daily rate due to the SVB crisis

The Euribor has been located this Tuesday at 3.509%, compared to 3.858% that it marked yesterday Although the monthly rate is still above 3.8%, according to the data collected The indicator began to decline, coinciding with the first alarm signals related to Silicon Valley Bank The 12-month Euribor, the index to which most variable mortgages […]

How do you do it?.. How to set a ‘screen time’ for apps on …

the date 3/7/2023 4:37:31 AM (MENAFN- Youm7) iPhones come with a set of useful features that help users in their daily lives, while these features make the iPhone seem difficult, the company offers ways for users to reduce the use of their devices. ‘Screen Time’ is a feature that serves this purpose. The Screen […]

Review of “Not daily”: another way to swim

The intimate diary as a literary genre has several examples: there are the diaries of Kafka, the diary of Anne Frank, the pandemic diaries of Jorge Carrión, the diaries of Alejandra Pizarnik, the diary of Félix Bruzzone, the diaries of Alberto Giordano, those of John Cheever. It is such a popular genre that in the […]

“Daily Telegraph”: Poland is building the strongest army in Europe

In response to the threat from Russia, Poland is buying modern military equipment, implementing a project to create the strongest army in Europe, writes the British Daily Telegraph on Saturday. “As an artillery officer, I am excited about the new equipment. We had a lot of old artillery, but now we have very modern weapons,” […]

Lord Jupiter in Aries after 12 years, zodiac result at a glance

Lord Jupiter will enter Aries after 12 years on April 22, 2023. If Jupiter is favorable, it is believed that one will get all the blessings in life. Brahmashree Idamana Narayan Namboothiri is detailing the advantages and disadvantages of Jupiter, which cures lakhs of evils, and the remedies to be followed. If Jupiter is not […]