Does the scrub damage the skin? A beautician’s answer to an exciting question

In recent years, mainly thanks to advertising, face and body scrubs, which are cosmetic products, have become quite popular. Commercials usually show how wonderful the scrub is at removing dead cells from the surface of the skin, removing blackheads, and leaving the skin smooth, clean, and glowing. tried to find out whether the use […]

Damage and inconvenience itineraries in Thessaloniki

Illustration: Michael Kirki On February 26, the residents of Evosmos in Thessaloniki they found themselves in front of an unusual sight: a bus engulfed in flames until it burned to the ground. It was a bus of KTEL which ran a public transport route. No one was injured in the incident, which was allegedly caused […]

Team news ahead of meeting with Real Betis » Manchester United

Rewrite this content Manchester United don’t have time to grieve over Sunday’s Anfield rout as they face Real Betis in the Europa League on Thursday. United beat Barcelona in two legs in the preliminary round of the play-offs and will now face another La Liga side that sits fifth in the standings and drew against […]

Smartphone is said to damage children’s brains

The child is crying and whining? A smartphone or tablet will help. Only: It’s not a good idea to put small children in front of a screen, as a new study shows. This can cause lasting damage to your brain. Scientists from Singapore have examined the effects of mobile phones and the like on children. […]

Sunak tries to approach the EU through the back door to alleviate the damage of Brexit

Conservative and Labor politicians, businessmen and diplomats met on Thursday and Friday of last week in secret at a country mansion used by Winston Churchill during the war. The “private” conversation had a title: “How can we make Brexit work better with our neighbors in Europe?” Seven damages for the United Kingdom in three years […]

California floods leave $1 billion worth of damage

Half a thousand landslides, destroyed bridges and floods in 40 of the 58 counties in the state. The blow that nature has given California in three weeks of rain has been so virulent that the first estimates of damage rise to 1 billion dollars. Government emergency services office spokesman Brian Ferguson clarified that assessment started […]