Dispute between the United States and China threatens to escalate

Huawei The U.S. Department of Commerce said chip manufacturers would not be able to deliver semiconductors to the world’s second largest smartphone maker based on U.S. software and technology. (Photo: AFP) Washington The dispute between the United States and China over the influence of the Chinese network supplier Huawei escalates. While the U.S. announced further […]

Horst Seehofer strengthens cyber defense – Huawei dispute unresolved

Berlin The first draft of a new IT security law was in circulation in Berlin more than a year ago. “Cyber ​​attacks continue to pose great danger for the state, economy and society,” it said at the time, which spoke for a certain urgency of the project. Still, nothing happened for months. The government was […]

5G network equipment suppliers should issue a declaration of trust

Berlin The Federal Ministry of the Interior has submitted a draft for a new security law to settle the almost one-and-a-half-year governmental dispute over the participation of the Chinese technology group Huawei in the German 5G network. The regulations contain an important concession to the Huawei critics: the Ministry of the Interior admits that a […]

SAP needs to improve cybersecurity

Software company SAP Security gaps were found at the software company SAP. (Photo: dpa) Walldorf The Walldorf-based software group SAP needs to improve some cloud products due to deficiencies in cybersecurity. An internal investigation found that some SAP cloud applications did not currently meet one or more contractually agreed or legally required IT security standards, […]

Exclusion of 5G components from certain manufacturers is possible

5G lettering at a mobile phone fair The next generation mobile network is the central critical infrastructure for future technology. (Photo: Reuters) Berlin The Federal Government reserves the right to exclude components from certain manufacturers from particularly security-relevant parts of the 5G network. This emerges from a joint report by the Ministry of Economy, Transport, […]

Deutsche Telekom wants to rely on Huawei – confrontation in Berlin

The dispute over the correct handling of the controversial Chinese network supplier Huawei is entering a new round. The federal government has not yet decided whether to allow technology from China to expand 5G real-time mobile communications in Germany. In contrast to the other network operators Vodafone and Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom initially wanted to wait […]

Telekom warns in Huawei debate: “Time is running out”

Telekom boss Timotheus Höttges The Telekom CEO presents a 5G antenna. (Photo: REUTERS) Dusseldorf Deutsche Telekom warns of setbacks for Germany if the federal government does not commit itself to dealing clearly with the controversial Chinese network supplier Huawei. “Time is running out,” said a Telekom spokesman. “Five months ago – at the beginning of […]

5G offensive by Vodafone and Telekom meets with resistance

Berlin, Dusseldorf The PR strategists of Deutsche Telekom are doing their utmost these days, cheering a “bang on mobile” and a “turbo for high speed”. The reason: In Germany, the group has started the next step in the expansion of 5G real-time mobile radio. The head of Deutsche Telekom in Germany, Dirk Wössner, announced: “We […]

Man is the biggest problem for the computer

The biggest risk to a company’s IT security is people, I learned. It is people who download dangerous malware onto their computers because they answer e-mails promising bargains. Or they just give away their password, because an email pretends to them that their bank account has been blocked and should now be unlocked again. The […]

Despite security gaps, Zoom grows to 300 million users

Zoom conference Millions of people use Zoom for meetings – or yoga classes. (Photo: AFP) Bangalore, Berlin The video service Zoom gains new users in droves despite the security concerns. Today, more than 300 million people make calls via the platform every day, as Zoom announced. Before the trend towards the home office caused by […]