The pursuit of happiness in three steps – Lifestyles

“Be aware. Be grateful. Be kind.” The formula for the pursuit of happiness chosen to celebrate the day dedicated to this state of mind today is made up of three simple steps. The first step, that of awareness, is taken by breathing deeply and questioning how it feels at that precise moment. The second, linked […]

How to Backup iPhone Data?

There are various situations in which you may need to recover data from your iPhone: following a device failure, iOS has performed a full reset and the iPhone is in its factory state; the iPhone was lost or stolen and you bought a new model; you bought a new model but still have the old […]

Questions and answers about Schufa and creditworthiness

March 11, 2023 at 5:00 am A question of creditworthiness : What you should know about Schufa and creditworthiness The headquarters of the private credit agency Schufa in Wiesbaden. Photo: dpa/Andreas Arnold Berlin How banks check creditworthiness, how scoring values ​​​​are created and what power the Schufa has. Answers to the most important questions about […]

‘Police collect data from demonstrators on a large scale’

ANPThe police intervene at a protest by Extinction Rebellion on the A12 NOS News•yesterday, 02:08•Amended yesterday, 15:47 The police regularly requests personal data from demonstrators, such as their address, citizen service number and date of birth. In addition, the police collect data from parents and children of activists. This is evident from 67 files of […]

Minsa data confirm excess mortality from covid-19 that they insisted on denying

The excess mortality from covid-19 in Nicaragua has been confirmed, indirectly, by the same Ortega regime that has tried to hide it. The 2022 Health Map, published by the Ministry of Health (Minsa), shows that last year there were fewer deaths in the country, which reveals that the high numbers of deaths in 2020 and […]

Starting this year, TikTok will store the data of its European users locally

TikTok announced today that its users’ data will be stored starting this year in three centres, two in Ireland and one in Norway, to reassure European public authorities who have expressed mistrust in it. Eileen Fox, TikTok’s chief privacy officer for Europe, said in an online press briefing that data for European users is currently […]

Windows 11 startup problem after changing keyboard

If you have a question that does not concern one of the forums below, ask it here! × Forum Rules You have a question but don’t know in which forum to ask it? You can create a new topic here, and our moderators will take care of moving it to the correct forum if necessary. […]