Sarah Engels reveals the first detail

Sarah Engels is heavily pregnant and is expecting her daughter at any time. Until then, the 29-year-old is spending her time with a lot of sport, but also with baking cookies in the run-up to Christmas. The musician has already given her fans a hint about the first name of Alessio’s little sister. As BUNTE […]

Bill Gates leads his daughter to the altar! Even with my ex-wife!

At the North Salem Ranch in New York State, worth CZK 350 million, 300 guests from the American Cream Company were invited to the weekend celebrations. A traditional Muslim ceremony took place on Friday, and on Saturday Bill led his daughter to the altar, and in the evening the famous Coldplay group performed for the […]

No one has ever seen Lilibet. But Harry and Meghan revealed how she was doing

It is a situation that the royal family may not remember. Meghan and Harry already have a three-month-old daughter, but the public still doesn’t know what she looks like. The fleeing couple probably decided not to show Lilibet to anyone. But for the first time, she revealed how their little girl was doing. It seems […]

Messi goal premiere in Paris victory, disgrace for Alaba – football

Paris celebrates Lionel Messi’s first goal in the Champions League 2-0 win against Manchester City. David Alaba received a disgrace with Real. Group A Lionel Messi celebrates his first goal for Paris! In the new edition of the semi-final duel of the previous Champions League season, the superstar scored 2-0 against Manchester City in the […]

Janine Chang, writer’s mother’s long letter to congratulate her daughter’s birthday, heartwarming reminder: The harbor is always there, and come back when you’re tired

The writer’s mother Zheng Ruqing wrote a 2,400-character home letter to remind her daughter to go home when she gets tired. (Photo/Retrieved from Facebook/Ning Chang) A+ A- Celebrity Zhang Junning celebrated his 39th birthday on September 4, but was accused of “Taiwan independence” tendencies by the Chinese Net Army on the day after his birthday. […]

PO mother and daughter are sour

Xiao Tiantian is promoted to be a mom, and she has everything to do with a woman. (Photo/Flip photo on Facebook) A+ A- Xiao Tiantian (Zhang Keyun) has successfully given birth to her daughter “Mitaimu” a few days ago, and she is officially promoted to be a mother. Recently, she has a girl with everything, […]

Käthe Heinrichs celebrates 100th birthday in Haus Bungeroth

July 30, 2021 at 5:10 am For the 100th birthday in Mönchengladbach : Käthe Heinrichs – water is her element Käthe Heinrichs celebrates her 100th birthday in Haus Bungeroth. Photo: belly, jana (jaba) Mönchengladbach Käthe Heinrichs will be 100 years old on July 30, 2021. Sport always played a big role in her life, especially […]