US Dollar Falls as Debt Talks Stuck

Saturday, May 20 2023 – 09:06 WIB VIVA Business – The US dollar fell against a basket of other major currencies in late trading Friday (Saturday morning WIB), as investors bet that the Fed was less hawkish and negotiations on the US debt limit abruptly stalled fueling fears of a June 1 default. The dollar […]

“US Congress Negotiates Debt Ceiling with President Biden and Kevin McCarthy”

US President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy In order for the US Congress to raise the debt ceiling, Biden and McCarthy must find an agreement. (Photo: AP) Washington When Joe Biden and congressional leaders meet at the White House on Tuesday, they will address their most pressing issue for the first […]

US Treasury Secretary: Debt default is an economic and financial catastrophe

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned today that a US debt default would lead to “economic and financial catastrophe,” stressing that raising or suspending the debt ceiling should be “unconditional.” Her comments came during an event in Washington after Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy vowed Sunday to hold a vote this week on a bill […]

China’s New Silk Road holds 60 percent bad loans

Belt and Road Summit in Hongkong am 31. August 2022.Foto: ISAAC LAWRENCE / AFP via Getty Images China’s global trade offensive New Silk Road finances infrastructure projects worldwide. However, an international analysis shows that 60 percent of these loans are at risk of default. Billions more flow. China is currently struggling with many economic problems. […]

Pains of default

Worrying about the defaults on sovereign debts disclosed by the “Fitch International” credit rating agency, which included Belarus, Lebanon, Ghana, Sri Lanka and Zambia, bringing the number to 14 defaults since 2020. The problem of default is that it increases the troubles of the troubled state, although in principle it displaces them from paying the […]

China Must Bail Out Debtors » Leadersnet

The intercontinental trade route is becoming a billion dollar grave for the People’s Republic. The New Silk Road will become a multi-billion burden for China. According to an analysis by AidData, the Harvard Kennedy School, the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW Kiel) and the World Bank, more and more emerging and developing countries […]

New Sony.. Launching a new virtual reality helmet

The futuristic BSVR 2 helmet is lighter than its predecessor and offers sharper and smoother images. The new hand controls, made in the form of knobs, are also easy to use. In terms of ergonomics, the helmet is designed to allow the user to play with glasses on, and only one cable is required to […]

Apple glasses for virtual reality .. an expected revolution

date of publication : Tuesday 03:02 2023-1-31 Last update : Tuesday 04:08 2023-1-31 Opinion – monitor Apple is preparing for a strong launch for its virtual reality glasses, which are expected to be unveiled during the spring period of this year. According to the “Euro News” website, Apple is currently developing operating systems that allow […]

The PRC claims the City Council for debts for non-payment of port fees…

The regionalist group in the Astillero City Council has registered a battery of questions about the port taxes of the Orconera and San José docks addressed to the mayor, Javier Fernández Soberón, for his answer in plenary session next Thursday. Specifically, the regionalists want to know the degree of compliance with the agreement adopted by […]