Kopřivnicka Tatra Defense Vehicle increased its profit thirtyfold last year

The company Tatra Defense Vehicle (TDV), which specializes in the production, repair and modernization of military vehicles in Kopřivnice in Novojičín, quadrupled its sales from 234.6 million the year before to 950.1 million crowns in 2022. Its net profit increased almost thirtyfold: while in 2021 it amounted to 3.7 million, last year it was 109.4 […]

“EU Christian Democrats Push for Ukraine’s Immediate NATO Membership”

EU Christian Democrats: Ukraine should join NATO as soon as possible The Christian Democrats in the European Parliament want Ukraine to join NATO as soon as possible after the end of the war. It is in the interest of the West to grant Ukraine NATO membership as soon as possible, according to a position paper […]

“Get Exclusive Access to F+ items for just €2.95/week”

Access to all exclusive F+ items €2.95 / week All the important background information on the current developments More than 1,000 F+ items per month Can be canceled online with one click Try it now for 30 days free of charge Login for digital subscribers 2023-04-19 14:02:06 […]

Reconnaissance aircraft: Russia has lost a key command center

SThey are the backbone of Moscow’s flying air surveillance and are used as a command center above the clouds for its own attacks: The four-engine early warning aircraft Beriev A-50 has a key position in Putin’s war of aggression in Ukraine. According to consistent reports, one specimen has now been so severely damaged that it […]

Ukraine currently needs Leopard tanks, not Abrams

WASHINGTON In the interests of “alliance unity” and “to ensure Ukraine gets what it wants,” Biden agreed to long-term supply of Abrams tanks — although the Abrams are not what Ukraine needs right now, Sullivan said . “These leopards are being sent now and this is an example of Joe Biden rallying the global alliance […]

“The war will end with a negotiated settlement”

David Petraeus “The Russians have turned out to be even more clumsy than many expected.” (Photo: dpa) Geneva Ahead of the February 24 anniversary of the Russian invasion, Moscow is intensifying its attacks. In an interview with the Handelsblatt, David Petraeus warns of the force of the coming military strikes: Although there have been considerable […]

Russia’s economy is threatened with collapse

Rewrite this content Russian National Bank According to official figures, the Russian economy is doing better than expected, but a look at the details reveals abysses. (Photo: IMAGO/ITAR-TASS) Berlin A bunker mentality has long prevailed in Russia’s economic and financial world. In the truest sense, the Russian government now meets regularly underground to discuss the […]

US fears more arms deliveries from Iran to Russia

WASHINGTON In October, the US government denounced that combat drones from Iran were being used in the Ukraine war – and that Tehran had sent its own military personnel to Crimea to train the Russians in how to use the drones and to offer them technical assistance. Kirby again raised serious allegations against Iran on […]