Judge orders Lozoya to compensate journalist for moral damage

Rubén Mosso Mexico City / 15.05.2022 21:06:02 The defense of the former director of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), Emilio Lozoya Austin, announced that he will appeal the sentence handed down against his client a few days ago, alluding to the ruling of a civil judge in Mexico City which determined that it caused moral damage to […]

China lockdown: Notebook production halved due to lack of parts

The ongoing lockdown measures at important locations of the electronics industry in China are currently causing a massive reduction in production capacity for notebooks and other PCs. It is said that some contract manufacturers have almost halved the number of units. Because a rigorous “lockdown” is still being enforced in the Kunshan region, i.e. people […]

Companies welcome wind expansion plan – environmentalists call for improvements

DJ companies welcome wind expansion plan – environmentalists call for improvements By Andrea Thomas BERLIN (Dow Jones)–The federal government’s proposals to accelerate the expansion of onshore wind energy while protecting species have met with broad approval from companies. According to several business associations, the new regulations presented by the Federal Ministry for the Environment and […]

Seized Russian yacht in port of Imperia, customs problems – Liguria

Boat of 30 meters estimated at over three million euros Customs and the Port Authority of Imperia have seized the yacht “New Vogue”, a boat of about 30 meters, worth over 3.3 million euros, attributable to Russians. The yacht is moored in the port of Imperia. The kidnapping was ordered by the […]

Pharmaceutical companies pay millions to Florida after damage caused by opioids

Out-of-court settlements with pharmaceutical companies sued by the state of Florida, United States, for the opioid crisis total more than 3 billion dollarsFlorida Attorney General Ashley Moody reported Thursday. Moody spoke like this when there are a few days left before the trial arising from the lawsuit beginsin which, as confirmed today, there will only […]

Florida leads lawsuit from 21 states against the use of face masks in transportation | News

Twenty-one US states filed a joint lawsuit in court against the ordinances on the mandatory use of masks in transportation imposed by health authorities, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody announced Tuesday. Accompanied by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is a fierce critic of the anti-COVID-19 policy of President Joe Biden’s administration, Moody said that the […]