Sberbank lowered rates on ruble deposits :: Finance :: RBC

Sberbank cut rates on ruble deposits a second time in less than two months. Now the rate on the most profitable promotion is only 4% Photo: Evgeny Razumny / Vedomosti / TASS Rates on ruble deposits in Sberbank decreased by 0.4–0.5%, follows from monitoring of the bank’s data. At the same time, the bank introduced […]

Why you should always go to the ER if you have any of these symptoms

ABC Health Updated:04/27/2020 14:20 save Related news The ictus It is the second cause of death in Spain (the first in women), the first cause of disability acquired in adults and the second cause of dementia. Every year 110,000-120,000 people suffer a stroke in our country, of which 50% are left with disabling sequelae or […]

New stock market crash in Russia. Main :: Economy :: RBC

Morning trading on the Moscow Exchange began with a new collapse of stocks and the ruble. Quotes are falling amid a sharp decline in oil prices, in particular, due to the US ban on entry from Europe Moscow Exchanges Index IMOEX 2 307.57 -7.43% Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti The situation at the auction […]