Fortuna Düsseldorf: Uwe Rösler counts Friedhelm Funkel – Bundesliga

From Wednesday, Uwe Rösler (51) will be in his second home in Mallorca: “A week off to work on everything for myself.” The descent hurts the Fortuna coach. But Rösler (got a job guarantee for the new season from the bosses) fights against emerging criticism, also counts predecessor Friedhelm Funkel (66) after missing out on […]

Refueling is becoming slightly more expensive despite the slump in oil prices

Dhe price for petrol and diesel at the petrol station has increased again after a few weeks downhill. The traffic in Germany, which has become somewhat stronger due to the first easing measures for the economy, may play a role here. The price of diesel, which in the meantime had dropped below 1 euro per […]

the other ephemeris 25 years ago, Valvi avoided relegation by winning in Lugo

? St. George’s Day and Girona basketball have a special relationship. A title for girls and a virtual salvation for boys. In the latter case you need to take a look back in time a little further back. Today, just 25 years ago, Valvi Girona avoided relegation by winning, in an agonizing way, on the […]

Drastic descent of furans and dioxins around the Zaldibar landfill

The latest analyzes on the presence of furans and dioxins in the air of the populations near the Zaldibar landfill, collapsed on February 6, reveal a “drastic” reduction in their levels since the fires generated by the combustion of the fires were quenched. industrial waste deposited in it. This is stated, as reported Thursday the […]

California to apologize for the internment of Japanese Americans – NBC Los Angeles

American Les Ouchida was born just outside the capital of California, but his citizenship was not much after Japan’s Pearl Harbor and the US broke into war. Based on his single Japanese ancestry, the 5-year-old and his family were taken from their home in 1942 and imprisoned in Arkansas. They were among 120,000 Japanese Americans […]