Assane Mbacké warns of his poor treatment conditions

Written by on Saturday, June 25, 2022 at 2:57 p.m. | | 2 comment(s)| It is a very offensive Serigne Assane Mbacké who stepped up to the plate, to denounce the treatment inflicted on the deputy Cheikh Abdou Mbacké Bara Dyoli. According to the president of the Appel 221 movement, the imprisoned marabout lives […]

Cartabia at work on prisons: ‘alternative penalties under 4 years’ – Chronicle

“The implementation of the delegation for the criminal trial, the legislative decrees of which are being drawn up and will be brought to the Council of Ministers shortly, has an important part concerning the alternative sentences of short prison sentences of up to 4 years”: in place of prison, semi-release, home detention, public utility work […]

they arrested the lawyer Oscar Romero

Without offering resistance, the lawyer Oscar Romero Bruno was arrested this Wednesday at his home in the Sudelco neighborhood of Trelew. His capture was issued on May 30 and since then he has remained a fugitive.He is sentenced to 6 years and 9 months in prison for the attempted murder of an upholsterer and illegal […]

Two-time Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis arrested on sexual offense

Canadian director Paul Haggis, a two-time Osar prize winner, has been detained in Italy on suspicion of committing a sexual offense, MTI writes, citing the Italian prosecutor’s office. The 69-year-old arrived at a film festival in Ostuni, Puglia, on Tuesday. The Italian news agency LaPresse and other Italian agencies have also brought down a statement […]

The daughter of a famous singer, her boyfriend and the millions in counterfeit notes

A singer’s daughter, her boyfriend and the counterfeit euro notes Came to Touba at the invitation of his girlfriend, daughter of a famous singer, Mr. Seck ended his stay in the central prison of Diourbel. And for good reason ! This father was arrested by elements of the Mbacké urban police station for trafficking counterfeit […]

A leading critic of the Kremlin was detained in Moscow near his house

Kara-Murza said the war in Ukraine would end Putin’s regime. MOSCOW. Leading critic of the Kremlin, Vladimir Karu-Murza, who survived two suspicious poisons, was detained on Monday in Moscow at the apartment building where he lives. Russian opposition politician Ilya Yashin and the media informed about it, they were referred to by the American news […]

Killed in a brawl in Rouen: a suspect in detention

A man was imprisoned Monday evening for having fatally stabbed another aged 24 at the exit of a nightclub in Rouen. The suspect was “indicted for murder aggravated by drunkenness, confirmed toAFP the public prosecutor of Rouen, Frédéric Teillet. The indicted admits having stabbed a single stab, in defense, despite several wounds “, added the […]