What is 5G? – Advantages, risks & current status of the 5G network

Dusseldorf On June 12, 2019, the path to a new technology was paved in a simple functional building in Mainz. The Federal Network Agency auctioned off the frequencies for real-time mobile 5G. Technology should do more than just faster mobile internet. It should make completely new applications possible. Behind it is the performance of 5G. […]

Providers confirm their expansion plans for the LTE anniversary

Cell phone masts The first LTE frequencies were auctioned on May 20, 2010 for just under EUR 4.4 billion. (Photo: dpa) Berlin On the tenth anniversary of the auction of LTE mobile radio frequencies in Germany in May 2010, the mobile phone providers have specified their expansion plans. In a conversation with the German press […]

Hope for vaccine is fueling Wall Street

New York, Dusseldorf The prospect of further cash injections by the US Federal Reserve is attracting investors to the US stock markets. Wall Street received additional tailwind from encouraging test results from a possible coronavirus vaccine. The US standard value index Dow Jones closed on Monday by 3.9 percent to 24,597 points. The technology-heavy Nasdaq […]

Dax slips significantly – pressure on Wirecard

Volatile stock exchange: At what point is it worth buying shares now <![CDATA[[CDATA[]]> Dusseldorf The German stock market remains weak. In the afternoon trade, the Dax yields three percent and is listed at 10,232 points. The daily stalk was 10,210 points. Already on Wednesday the Dax had lost 2.6 percent and ended trading with a […]

How Telekom is driving the merger

Dusseldorf, New York Everything was actually prepared. Deutsche Telekom wanted to usher in the realignment of its US business with a large campaign. Overnight, the company signs at the branches of the former rival Sprint were to be exchanged for those of the Telekom subsidiary T-Mobile. The outbreak of the corona pandemic in the United […]

Dax continues to slide – pressure on Wirecard stock

Despite the significant losses on Wednesday yesterday, the market is in good shape and continues to offer good prospects for higher prices. At least that’s what Joachim Goldberg thinks after evaluating the sentiment survey of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange yesterday Wednesday afternoon. Both institutional investors and private investors are surveyed. In his view, investors are […]

Deutsche Telekom maintains annual forecast in corona crisis

Bonn So far, Deutsche Telekom has come through the corona crisis with only a few injuries. The Bonn-based group confirmed its annual forecast on Thursday. According to this, operating income (adjusted EBITDA excluding leasing costs) of EUR 25.5 billion is to be achieved in the current year. The effects of the pandemic on the result […]

Health authorities should monitor corona quarantine cases using a mobile app

Nevertheless, Spahns Haus is already planning the next app to contain the pandemic. In the future, the health authorities should be able to use a mobile phone app to check whether corona infected people and contact persons adhere to the home quarantine. A “web application to relieve the public health service in the process of […]

Horst Seehofer strengthens cyber defense – Huawei dispute unresolved

Berlin The first draft of a new IT security law was in circulation in Berlin more than a year ago. “Cyber ​​attacks continue to pose great danger for the state, economy and society,” it said at the time, which spoke for a certain urgency of the project. Still, nothing happened for months. The government was […]