Coronavirus: a drug would reduce the risk of developing a severe form by 79%

The study conducted with the University of Southampton concludes that patients treated with this drug have a 79% less chance than those who received a placebo of developing severe forms of the disease UA drug called SNG001 would reduce the risk of developing a severe form of Covid-19 disease by 79%, according to preliminary results […]

a way to identify patients at risk of developing a serious form

A study by French researchers shows that the deficiency in the blood of a protein normally produced by the immune system ” could be the hallmark of severe forms of Covid-19 “, A result that could help identify patients at risk. « Type 1 interferon deficiency in the blood could be a signature of severe […]

Coronavirus. Infected monkeys appear to develop short-term immunity, according to one

Contamination with the new coronavirus responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic protected macaques from reinfection 28 days later, according to a Chinese study published this Thursday, July 2 in the review. Science. Immunity to the coronavirus following an initial infection, and its duration, remain unanswered questions in humans: it will be necessary to wait for other […]

Amazon will remove the series on the universe of video games Fallout – RBC

Amazon will remove the series on the universe of video games Fallout RBC The creators of “Wild West World” will remove the series on Fallout Meduza Wild West creators working on Fallout series for Amazon Gambling Amazon Fallout teaser | News World of fiction and fantasy Amazon, Bethesda, and Wild West creators team up to […]

Fitness clubs decided to make online training a new source of income :: Business :: RBC

They are also planning to develop the direction of online training in the network of clubs OrangeFitness and CityFitness. The company is working on issues of monetization (previously classes were only free), the quality of content, and ensuring the club’s copyright, because it is confident that the direction will become the trend of the coming […]

They develop a therapy to avoid obesity and gain muscle without exercising

You imagine avoid the obesity and build muscle without having to do exercise? Well, scientists at the University of Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis (United States) claim to have found a new gene therapy that can do it. They have tested it on mice and it works! The folistatina, a protein expressed in […]

Poor sleep quality wakes Alzheimer’s | Science

Sleepless nights take their toll on the brain. More than it seems. Aside from tiredness or poor concentration the day after, cognitive performance can suffer in the long term and more severely. A study by the Pasqual Maragall Foundation, specialized in Alzheimer’s research, has found modifications in the brain structure that suggest a link between […]

A fundamental gold and sugar ink to treat cancer | Science

Gold is a precious metal in every way. Its unique nano-scale characteristics make this chemical element an exceptional weapon in medicine and, especially, against cancer. The ability of this metal to interact with biomolecules, the zero toxicity and its conductivity make it a great tool for diagnosing tumors, intervening them or as a transport for […]

What inhibits Pisces and Libra on the path to success

The powers of these signs could make them millionaires, but they miss the opportunity. Libra and Pisces are unique representatives of the Zodiac. They have great abilities, but according to the statistics of millionaires and billionaires, the least among them. This is all because both signs do not fully understand their gift and do not […]