Diabetes: the sweet that you take a 1 after waking up that lowers blood sugar

A new study has explored the impact of daily chocolate consumption on women’s metabolism. Consuming a small amount of chocolate in the morning lowered blood glucose throughout the day. The hunger and desire for other sweets also decreased throughout the day. The reduction in appetite was 300 kcal per day, insufficient to compensate for the […]

Type 2 diabetes: ‘black’ drink significantly lowers blood sugar in minutes

Starchy foods tend to increase blood sugar levels, and are the main type of sugar found in the blood. This is due to the high content of carbohydrates containing starchy foods. Carbohydrates break down quickly into glucose (blood sugar), causing levels to skyrocket. Related news Normally, the hormone insulin regulates this rise in blood sugar […]

Breakfast that Diabetics Should Avoid, Makes High Blood Sugar

Diabetics should eat the right breakfast. Because, just eating can cause high blood sugar and serious health problems. Photo/Better Me. JAKARTA – Diabetics must consume breakfast right. The reason is, any eating can cause blood sugar rise thus increasing the chances health problems which is serious. If you are already suffering diabetes , things like […]

Longevity: from Harvard the secret to warding off chronic diseases as we age

Research underlines how physical activity is able to ward off chronic diseases related to old age One studio by a team of evolutionary biologists at Harvard suggested that thephysical activity shifts the body’s energy towards protective processes that strengthen health, and prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. According to research, exercise redirects […]

6 Foods to Avoid for Diabetics, Number 2 We Often Consume

PRFMNEWS Diabetes is a disease characterized by high blood sugar (glucose) levels in the body, also known as diabetes. People with diabetes are usually hereditary from the family or it can also occur due to an unhealthy lifestyle. For diabetics, blood sugar can be absorbed or not by the body depending on what we consume. […]

A cure for Type 1 diabetes? For one man, it seems to have worked

Brian Shelton’s life was ruled by Type 1 diabetes. When his blood sugar plummeted, he would lose consciousness without warning. He crashed his motorcycle into a wall. He passed out in a customer’s yard while delivering mail. Following that episode, his boss told him to retire, after a quarter century in the Postal Service. He […]

Diabetes: the food rich in ‘powerful antioxidants’ that lowers blood sugar by 35%

Diabetes occurs in people whose bodies cannot respond to or produce insulin, the hormone that captures sugar in the blood for energy. The end result of this is high blood sugar levels, which can harm general health if left unchecked. Fortunately, some foods can help facilitate this process by significantly lowering blood glucose when added […]