Alain Perroux: “At the Opéra national du Rhin, if we have to adapt, we will adapt”

Baroque with Handel, romantic with Humperdinck, contemporary with Zad Moultaka, and the threat of the hovering Covid. Alain Perroux, the new director of the Opéra national du Rhin (ONR), with his Ballet, his choir and its three halls (Strasbourg, Mulhouse and Colmar), its 21 million annual budget and its 250 employees, presented there A few […]

The Government and ERC share that the dialogue table should not be tied to a calendar

The Moncloa and Esquerra Republicana they agree that the government dialogue tablel that will be set up this Wednesday cannot be constrained by the existence of a closed calendar of agreements and meetings. It would be “to put more pressure on it,” said today the vice president of the Catalan government and representative of the […]