Viral! ! Video Conversation in the Last Seconds of Kopda Muslimin: Aku Wes Nyerah Bul

GORONTALO TERRACE – A video of the last seconds of Kopda Muslimin’s conversation before committing suicide circulated and went viral. Kopda Muslimin is a member of the TNI whose name has been going viral lately. This is because the Muslim opda had planned to kill his wife, Rina Wulandari. Kopda Muslimin became the mastermind behind […]

Experts Find What Humans See Before They Die

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Scientists accidentally record activity brain a patient before he died. They also found, brain usually invites the owner back to the past through flashes of memory. Launching Live Science, the recording was obtained 30 seconds before the patient’s heart stopped beating. From the recording it is known, the patient’s brain waves […]

Buy black and silver men’s shorts from NIke online

Product information “Men’s Training Shorts – NFL Las Vegas Raiders – Black / Silver” Die Nike Herren Shorts comes in a modern colourway. Its light fabric ensures that it is comfortable to wear. The shorts are ideal for summer and early season. A must have for every fan. Related links to “Men’s Training Shorts – […]

Hard ticket – Düsseldorf, November 3rd, 2022 (moved from June 29th, 2022 / February 5th, 2022) | Official Selig Shop

Product information “Hardticket – Düsseldorf, 03.11.2022 (moved from 29.06.2022 / 05.02.2022 / 11.10.2021)” New date: 11/03/2022 (moved from 06/29/2022 / 02/05/2022 / 10/11/2021) – all purchased tickets remain valid Ort: DüsseldorfVenue: Zakk Admission: 19:00Start: 20:00(for possible changes please check the website of the venue on the day of the concert) Tickets cannot be exchanged / […]

“God” is an asset for Neersen

Jul 10, 2022 at 2:22 p.m Willich: Premiere at the Castle Festival : “God” is an asset for Neersen “God” celebrated its premiere at the Castle Festival. In the foreground: Helmut Büchel (r.) as Richard Gärtner and Christian Miedreich as lawyer Biegler. Photo: WZ/Werner Dohmen I want to Visitors to the premiere of “Gott” at […]

The official notification of the death of a female college student in Henan caused the delay of treatment and death, citing anger from netizens | Henan University | Zhengzhou 120 Emergency Center

[Epoch Times, June 7, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Xu Menger comprehensive report) Peng Xinjun, a third-year student at Henan University, passed away due to the delay in treatment at the Zhengzhou 120 Emergency Center. The incident aroused public attention. On the evening of June 6, the Zhengzhou authorities of the Communist Party of China issued […]