Professor Nicola Brienza dies

Mourning in the world of Bari medicine: Professor Nicola Brienza, director of the complex operating unit of Anesthesia and Reanimation 1 of the Bari Polyclinic, has died. He was 58 years old. An appreciated professional and a protagonist, in the last two years, in the battle against Covid by coordinating his team in the assistance […]

He went to treat his migraine at a clinic and died in front of his partner

Emma Grainger died after falling into a coma following routine treatment. Her partner’s decision. A woman died in front of her partner’s eyes after a routine procedure to treat your migraine at a clinic that went “terribly wrong”. Emma Grainger, 51 and a native of the United Kingdom, spent 18 months in a coma after […]

“Mirco was a manager of the Pulcini, a hard worker and a great dad”

TRIBAN – That passion for the soccer and for motoeyes full of joy to see his two children playing in the ranks of his team, that of Tribano football, and then the trips on two wheels to discover the most beautiful views of Northern Italy. This is how those who have known him remember Mirco […]

A 2-year-old boy who was left forgotten in a car for hours died

The boy was found dead in a car parked in front of a daycare center. He was there for many hours and with a temperature of 32º. A 2-year-old boy was found dead. in a car parked in front of a day care in Alabama (United States) and apparently I had been in the car […]

Mayor Izyum, it will take weeks to exhume the corpses – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 18 – The mayor of Izyum Valeriy Marchenko says that in the city liberated by the Russians it will take about 2 weeks to exhume the corpses. “Employees of all services carry out exhumations, dig up the buried dead. If possible, they are identified and all sent to Kharkiv for further […]

This was II. Elizabeth’s last birthday message to Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s grandmother, II. After the loss of Queen Elizabeth, he celebrated the saddest birthday of his life. They loved each other II. Elizabeth’s state funeral will take place on Monday, September 19 at 11 a.m. in Westminster Abbey, where about 2,200 people will pay their respects, and heads of state from all over the […]

Tibor Szabady, the hero of Balaton’s Titanic, has passed away

Tibor Szabady more than a month ago, he told our website the story of how he saved more than 20 people during one of the greatest tragedies in the history of Hungarian shipping, when the steamer Pajtás capsized on Lake Balaton on May 30, 1954. Twenty-three people lost their lives, but if the former flight […]

is the fifth in the world I Sky Tg24

Health and wellness The infectious diseases that worry the world, from Covid to Marburg Hepatitis, cholera, ebola: there are several viruses that the World Health Organization constantly monitors, due to their aggressive range towards humans. Here are the latest cases recorded by international health authorities Unknown hepatitis, cholera, ebolabut also the virus Zika and the […]

Galak killing, the ‘pilgrim’s dog’ of San Giovanni Rotondo: the investigations

San Giovanni Rotondo is still incredulous about the death of Galak, the ‘Pilgrim’s Dog’, found lifeless yesterday morning, most likely killed by a gunshot. There are two communities that mourn the four-legged animal that led the tourists to the Convent of San Pio: there is also San Marco in Lamis, the Municipality where he was […]