Mutation? Curious fur dachshund goes viral in nets

Dachshunds often have fur in two color combinations. Or black with caramel, or completely caramel. In some very specific cases, some have been born completely black, but a puppy went viral. Its combination of colors in the coat is something never seen before in this breed. Many internet users praised it as being completely unique. […]

We analyze three vertical ironing centers to use at home | Showcase

Our expert has chosen the model Philips ComfortTouch Plus GC558 / 30 as the best ironing center of the three analyzed for the excellent results it offers when ironing clothes. One of the tasks that can be more tedious at home is ironing. Furthermore, not everyone performs equally and possesses the same skills when picking […]

Saint Petersburg follows the experience of Wuhan and Ifema

BY rafael m. doll The International Economic Forum Petersburg, the Russian Davos, will not be held this year in June, as usual, because of the coronavirus. But one of the pavilions of its huge enclosure, number seven, is being reconditioned to become a temporary hospital for mild patients of the Covid-19. The governor of the […]

from two different eras, but created to break paradigms

ABC Motor Madrid Updated:04/20/2020 01:19 p.m. save Related news More than 40 years after the Citroën Ami will stop being manufactured, the brand recovers that name for a vehicle very different from its predecessor. At first glance, it may seem that a mid-range tourism and a disruptive mobility solution and 100% electric have nothing in […]

The face and nutritional cross of coffee in capsules | Science

In 2016, single-dose coffee was introduced in the calculation of the CPI, making official what was already evident: the capsule coffee maker is one more element in the kitchen. The sector continues to grow, reaching 37.3% of consumers and, although the average expenditure on “conventional” coffee still exceeds the single dose (55% and 45% of […]

Alice and Ratmir Yunusov hit the network with incredible similarity

The father’s strong gene was also overshadowed by the fact that the children were born from different mothers. It’s quite a life situation – children born from different marriages are alike so much so that outsiders there can be no thought that the crumbs have different biological fathers or mothers. All the “fault” strong parental […]