Suddenly Xi Jinping Warns About Disaster, Is There China?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Chinese President Xi Jinping suddenly gave a warning, Monday (17/1/2022). He alluded to the confrontation between the great powers which resulted in disaster. This he said in a speech to world leaders at the Davos forum, which was held virtual. For the second time in a row, face-to-face meetings of politicians […]

Octopus farms. An association announces “a disaster”

Almost 130,000 tonnes of wild octopuses are eaten each year in Europe. Numerous breeding projects are therefore under development around the world. But a report from the CIWF association, which is dedicated to the well-being of farmed land and marine animals, denounces the living conditions in these structures, reports France Inter. It is entitled: “Raising […]

Etna: mayor Milo, 5 cm layer of ash fell, it is disaster – Sicily

Cosentino, Institutions help us, ready to return the band (ANSA) – CATANIA, AUGUST 29 – “A disaster, I am dejected and desperate. The town is submerged by a 5 cm high carpet of volcanic ash. About 7 kg per square meter, fallen in the space of two hours, from 6 to 8 pm , after […]

The FPS Economy reminds victims of the steps to assert their rights

While the unprecedented floods of mid-July claimed thousands of victims, “often helpless in the face of the steps to be taken to assert their rights in terms of insurance”, the FPS Economy recalls, Wednesday, in a press release, a series of tips at the victims. The administration invites them, first of all, to declare their […]

German floods kill 157 people, worst in nearly six

Floods in western Germany have killed 157 people, marking Germany’s worst natural disaster in nearly six decades by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. raise such an event “Frightening”, and pledged to provide urgent financial assistance. The floods also affected parts of Belgium and the Netherlands. The death toll from floods in Europe stood at 188. chancellor […]

Dozens of new Audis were also engulfed in the flood disaster

Doomsday has been raging in Germany and parts of Belgium for days, unfortunately with more than 100 deaths and even more casualties in the devastation of the weather. In addition to human losses, it may be negligible, but it was also videotaped during the flood disaster as water broke into the Audi dealership in Leverkusen, […]

Columbia – Abel Pacheco: “The country is a disaster adorned with COVID”

At the Rincón Grande de Pavas school, the former president of the Republic, Abel Pacheco, cast his vote this Sunday. Pacheco said that it is necessary to participate, to change the course of a country that he described as “disastrous.” The former president publicly supported Pedro Muñoz and assured that he has the qualities to […]