Bandang flood in Semarang swept away 7 cars

CNN Indonesia/Damar Surrendered | CNN Indonesia Monday, 07 Nov 2022 19:28 WIB Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Seven people’s cars were washed away and piled up in the flow of the Beringin River on Monday (7/11), due to flash floods in Semarang, Central Java last week. The heavy and high flood was able to drag the […]

7 Major Disasters in the World Due to Human Activities, There is Tragedy in Indonesia

Jakarta – Nature is not always the cause of disasters that befall humans. Without realizing it, irresponsible human activities can also cause major disasters. Damage to nature and loss of life due to negligent human nature. For example, flooding is an annual disaster that often occurs in Indonesia. Quoting from the Crisis Center page of […]

Tornado Landa Around Sidoarjo City, Many Residents’ Houses Are Reportedly Damaged

Strong winds and tornadoes were reported to have hit several areas in Sidoarjo Regency, Sunday (23/10/2022) afternoon, resulting in many trees falling and houses damaged. The worst areas occurred in the Districts of Buduran and Sidoarjo. In Buduran Sub-district, many roofs of residents’ houses were reported to have come off, collapsed and were blown away […]

Sales of cars of a popular European brand assembled in China began in Russia

In Russia, the following organizations have been recognized as extremist and banned: FBK (Anti-Corruption Foundation, recognized as a foreign agent), Navalny’s Headquarters, the National Bolshevik Party, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the People’s Will Army, the Russian National Union, the Movement Against Illegal immigration”, “Right Sector”, UNA-UNSO, UPA, “Trident im. Stepan Bandera”, “Misanthropic Division”, “Mejlis of the Crimean […]

Bogor Responds to Disaster Emergency, A Number of School Students Go Home Faster

Bogor – The Bogor City Government has set a disaster emergency response status until December 31. During the disaster emergency response period, a number of schools sent students home in Bogor City earlier than usual. “To predict future weather conditions, I have decided to set Bogor City in an emergency response condition until December 31,” […]

Imam Mahdi Has Come in October 2015?

loading… The arrival of Imam Mahdi in October 2015 was predicted by Jaber Bolushi using the formula for calculating numbers from ancient Arab traditions. It means, at this time Imam Mahdi has been born. The truth of this prediction is not clear. We’ll just have to wait for the next event. You see, Jaber Bolushi […]

Angke Hulu Siaga Post Floodgate 2, Residents of 9 DKI Regions Asked to Be Alert

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Countermeasures Agency Disaster Region (BPBD) DKI Jakarta informs that the water level at the Angke Hulu Pos Sluice has reached 260 cm. With that condition, they set the alert status 2. Through a video uploaded by one of their officers, the DKI Jakarta BPBD therefore appealed to residents living on the […]