Clanfolk has settled in and so it’s time for a launch trailer

Clanfolk, the challenging City Builder in which you have to control your population over several generations, has arrived in Steam Early Access today. As we can somewhat expect these days, that release is accompanied by a launch trailer. In addition, the game on Steam will receive a launch discount of 10%, reducing the price from […]

iBOOD and Speedlink give discount again

Anyone like me who receives the email from iBOOD every day will have noticed that the same brands often return. For gaming, for example, Speedlink is a name we see on a regular basis. Today is no different, with up to 50% off mousepads, headsets, gamepads and an ergonomic mouse. As always, the offer is […]

July brings us Time on Frog Island

Time on Frog Island, a castaway game where you have to trade with the green inhabitants of a forgotten island to get home, will arrive on July 12. A physical release will appear three days later. “It’s been an exciting journey for Time on Frog Island and it won’t be long before fans can visit […]

Absolute majority difficult for Macron, the left is growing – World

The majority of Emmanuel Macron trembles: the “tribune” of the radical gauche, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, has collected – in the first round of the legislatures – more votes with his Nupes coalition (between 25 and 26.2% according to the institutes of polls) compared to the government parties gathered under the label Ensemble! (25-25.8%). Quote 341 – […]

Train bonus program: This makes it easier for you to get into the DM lounges

It’s really something nice: Before the train journey, get out of the turmoil on the platform and into the quiet lounge of the train (available in the most important metropolitan train stations). Finally clean toilets, free soft drinks and coffee specialties. Everything only for extreme frequent drivers? No, Deutsche Bahn is reforming its BahnBonus bonus […]

Tank discount: This is how fuel prices are developing around Cologne

Köln – According to a random sample by the ADAC in the Cologne area, the reduction in energy tax initially led to extreme price differences at petrol stations. “There are sometimes differences in fuel prices of 20 to 40 cents per liter, even at gas stations that are very close together,” spokesman for ADAC North […]

iBOOD partners with Speedlink again

For the third time in a few months, we can inform you that iBOOD and Speedlink have teamed up to bring you a new batch of deals. If you click here, you can once again benefit from a maximum of 60% discount on mice, headphones, racing wheels and other accessories. Although, as always with iBOOD, […]

AlipayHK Identity Verification May 16 Deadline No Real Name 3 Functions Are Restricted – – Technology Focus – Technology Cars

AlipayHK Alipay authentication 2022 implements new restrictions, AlipayHK Alipay Hong Kong notification bar reminds users that they must complete identity authentication before May 16, 2022, otherwise the three major functions will be restricted. Affected by Alipay Authentication 2022 is mainly the user’s balance stored in AlipayHK Alipay, and many functions will be unavailable. However, AlipayHK […]