TJ-SP authorizes domestic cultivation of cannabis for therapeutic purposes

Based on the principle of human dignity and the right to life and health, the 3rd Chamber of Criminal Law of the Court of Justice of São Paulo granted a safe-conduct to a man to grow cannabis sativa for the extraction of cannabidiol oil, used in the medical treatment of your child. 123RFAuthorities are prevented […]

Company is condemned for charging health insurance in one go

The 1st Panel of the Regional Labor Court of the 18th Region (TRT-18), in Goiás, determined the reversal of amounts related to the co-participation of the health plan charged at once by a metallurgical company that was more than two years without making the said deductions from the salary of employees. Change in individual employment […]

The hooligans brought shame to Hungarian football – an English newspaper review

A brilliant, 1-1 draw was played by the Hungarian national football team in England in Tuesday’s World Cup qualifiers, and although Federal Captain Gareth Southgate acknowledged that the opponent had caused a tactical problem and praised the Hungarians, the English papers could not go to the stands. next to. According to the BBC, his journey […]

What is nomophobia, the disorder that affects most mobile phone users

Years ago cell phone It became part of our lives and almost an extension of our bodies: we take it everywhere, whether for entertainment, to communicate, to work, among many other things. At XXI century, exist disorders for almost everything, but who would have thought that a mobile device could cause serious problems in our […]

The phones of the Winterthur city administration failed

A telephone breakdown occurred early Monday morning in the city administration of Winterthur. According to the police, the administration could no longer be reached by telephone via the fixed network. The reason was a technical malfunction. Telephone breakdown in Winterthur. (Symbol picture) – dpa The emergency numbers 112 and 117 were not affected by the […]

Pandemic has 40% of health personnel with a mental disorder – Medellín – Colombia

Overwork, frustration, discrimination, isolation, fear of infection, negative patients, lack of contact with family members and exhaustion are, among other factors, the challenges that healthcare personnel are facing in Colombia. A study developed by the Center of Excellence in Research in Mental Health (Cesism), of the CES University of Medellín, with more than 711 professionals […]

Pandemic worsened cases of eating disorders | From them

AzMina Pandemic affects mental health and causes disorders Extreme instability, lack of control over what happens, loneliness, extreme coexistence with herself and the mirror, too much time on social networks. This describes the life of most Brazilians for more than a year, but for people who face eating disorders this is also the description of […]

International Day of Persons with Schizophrenia draws attention to the disease | SEGS

Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder that affects about two million Brazilians, according to data from the Ministry of Health, and brings with it significant losses in the personal, social and family functioning of people who suffer from this disease. Among the most common symptoms are delusions, hallucinations, changes in thoughts and affectivity, abnormalities in […]