Divers have found an ancient mine in the submarine caves, hiding a message from the past

American scientists have published a new study in the journal Science News, in which they report about a wonderful archaeological find, which according to them represents the remains of an underground ocher mine from 12,000 years ago. “Underwater caves are like a time-lapse cabin and provide clear evidence of ocher mining thousands of years ago,” […]

Tank truck overturns, risk of pollution in Sinnamary

At the present time, many helpers are still on the spot. A tanker from the Total company arrived to recover the fuel transported by the accident truck this morning shortly after 7 am. The vehicle lay down at the end of a turn, at PK 128. There were no injuries but a big risk of […]

6 police officers arrested for drug trafficking, placed in GAV

This Monday, six Seine-Saint-Denis police officers were taken into police custody at the IGPN, the police force in a drug trafficking case, the accused police officers are members of the Seine security and intervention company. -Saint-Denis in 93. The six members of the CSI 93 are accused of being implicated in several crimes such as […]

Mosquito bites: how to relieve them?

This will also interest you Tiger mosquito: four tips to protect yourself When summer arrives, mosquito bites appear. If they are mostly benign, those of the tiger mosquito can transmit diseases such as dengue or chikungunya. The IRD (Research Institute for Development) explains in this short video how to protect yourself simply. .