Researcher: Not all smokers get lung cancer, how come? page all – Tobacco smoke is often associated as a trigger for DNA damage in the lungs. This causes smoking to be the number one risk factor for smokers to develop lung cancer. While the number of cigarettes smoked a person was associated with an increase in cancer-causing cell mutations, after the equivalent of about 23 […]

Scientific breakthrough. They finally explained where life on Earth came from

More than 30 chemicals have been identified, including four essential DNA components. They found that Murchison, Murray, and Tagish Lake contained cytosine and thymine, uracil, and purines, including guanine and adenine – compounds known as the “building blocks of life”. Not every meteorite that touched our planet carried such a chemical potential.

Convicted double murderer wants to prove innocence

It was a cold-blooded, dawn act. But the man sentenced to life imprisonment has maintained his innocence to this day. He sees the fact that the state of Hesse is now demanding money from him as an opportunity. The act caused horror throughout Germany: in the early morning of April 17, 2009, father Klaus T. […]

Guardian of our genome imaged

ENGINEERINGNET.BE – ‘If this protein is missing, 100 to 1000 times more mutations arise in our DNA, which inevitably leads to cancer,’ says researcher Meindert Lamers. ‘This is the case, for example, in people with Lynch syndrome.’ ‘Using cryo-electron microscopy, we discovered that this protein, called MutS, can take on several forms,’ explains Lamers. ‘As […]

Chronic intestinal inflammation favor colon cancer – healing practice

Chronic inflammatory bowel diseases are episodes of inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract that are associated with bloody stools, diarrhea and severe impairment of the quality of life. Those affected have an increased risk of developing colon cancer. (Image: gballgiggs / Colon cancer can develop from chronic intestinal inflammation Hundreds of thousands of people in […]

New test method detects viruses with a nanopore sensor

EAn international research team has developed a nanosensor with which coronaviruses can supposedly be detected just as reliably as with a PCR test. The method is also suitable for distinguishing between infectious and non-infectious viruses. The scientists at the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt manufactured the sensor together with colleagues from […]

Three Florida feminicides resolved after 20 years

The grave of a serial killer had to be exhumed to solve the murders of three women more than 20 years ago. The pilot put one dead victim in a suitcase and another in a duffel bag. The criminal investigation department in the US state of Florida has been able to assign three murders of […]

Catch viruses with DNA traps and render them harmless – healing practice

Can viruses be caught with special traps? A German research team thinks this is possible. (Image: exclusive-design / Virus traps: New technology for fighting viruses There is no effective drug against most viral infections. A German research team is therefore taking other approaches to render the pathogens harmless. Special hollow bodies made of DNA […]