Dr. Vincenzo Lamberti is missing

The province of Treviso loses a great doctor, a national pioneer in the field of sports medicine. On Saturday 30 July, Dr. Vincenzo Lamberti he missed the affection of his loved ones at the age of 85. Former Tourism Councilor of Vittorio Veneto, in 2021 he was appointed regional president emeritus of the Italian Sports […]

Master of amputations. Even enemies envied Napoleon’s doctors, inspired MASH

Where did the corpses go? Scientists solve the mystery of the Battle of Waterloo, they have a terrifying theory Larrey saved the lives of thousands of soldiers with his innovative approach. Thanks to his revolutionary ideas, the number of those who were able to survive even serious injuries in battle increased rapidly. Larrey realized that […]

Jornal Médico – COVID-19: WHO updates strategy to vaccinate all people in risk groups

COVID-19: WHO updates strategy to vaccinate all people in risk groups The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on July 22, an update of the global vaccination strategy against COVID-19, setting the goal of immunizing all health professionals and people in risk groups. “On the way to achieving 70% vaccination, countries should prioritize the goal of […]

The demographics of health professionals from 1999 to 2011

Between 1999 and 2011, health professionals were listed through the ADELI directory (audioprosthetists, dental surgeons, dieticians, occupational therapists, nurses, ERM manipulators, masseur-physiotherapists, doctors, optician-eyewear makers, speech therapists, orthoptists, pedicurists -podiatrists, pharmacists, equipment professionals, psychologists, psychomotricians, midwives, and laboratory technicians).The ADELI directory (Automation of lists) was set up to meet the obligation of registration of the […]

How Doctor Ema Lowers Cholesterol Naturally Without Drugs, Follow These 5 Tips

PRFMNEWS – Cholesterol disease is a bad thing, too much cholesterol can clog blood vessels which can lead to strokes and heart disease. As we all know, high cholesterol is a lot of fat in the blood. A person who can be called normal cholesterol is less than 200 mg/dL. However, if the cholesterol level […]