Professional certificates: What for? – News Portal Process

MEXICO CITY (apro) .- The media campaign against colleague and fellow page John Ackerman has put the issue of professional certificates on the agenda for public discussion. There is more confusion than certainties about this legal figure, even in the legal community, which is why it is worth clarifying its essential aspects. Let’s see. First. […]

Triplets were born in Ostrava. My mother dug the garden until she was born

Mr. and Mrs. Baroň from Zlín already have four-year-old Vašík at home. They learned that he would not have one new sibling, but three, after Christmas. “I expected them to tell me ‘you will have a baby’ on the ultrasound, but not that I have three there,” Anastasia Baronova laughed after giving birth. The pregnancy […]

Bribery affair settled: Novartis has to pay $ 750 million

Thursday July 2nd 2020 For years, Novartis has paid millions for supposed conferences to get doctors to prescribe their medication. The doctors are also wooed with excursions or meals in luxury restaurants. To end the legal dispute, the pharmaceutical company must now pay high comparisons. The Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis has made two million settlements […]

VM rejects hospitals’ accusations of lack of funding for premiums for doctors involved in preventing the spread of Covid-19 – Society and Politics – News

According to the report, the Latvian Hospital Association informed the agency LETA that none of the municipal hospitals has received compensations for bonuses for physicians who have worked with emergency conditions to prevent the spread of Covid-19, moreover, only 53% have been able to pay bonuses for their work. municipal hospital. According to Oskars Šneiders, […]