“America”: the revolt of the “lamentable” who voted for Trump

America, the documentary by Claus Drexel, plunges into the heart of America the “little whites”, despised by Hillary Clinton, who carried Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States. You have to have a monster butt to title America a documentary devoted to the exploration of a village of 450 inhabitants isolated on the […]

the documentary that gives voice to the “left behind” who voted Trump

America is a documentary film that looks back on the weeks leading up to Donald Trump’s election, in the small town of Seligman in the heart of Arizona. A film to see for all those who want to touch on some of the reasons which led these people to elect Donald Trump. With his cameraman […]

Chat sites are virtual forests full of lures

The title Help, my breasts are online breathes a certain lightness, but soon two pathetic piles of people appear on the screen on Tuesday evening. The first is Tim, a young man with permanently downcast eyes. If he tells presenter Evi Hanssen that he was a loner at school, you immediately believe him. “I felt […]

HBO GO: Film and series premieres on July 1-14, 2020

HBO GO streaming service is characterized by the fact that on the platform almost every day there are not only movies or full seasons of the series, but also subsequent episodes of individual series in a cyclical form. Therefore, in the first part of this material we present interesting news and series (excluding the series […]

Not too in-depth documentary about Stones guitarist Ron Wood

This year, British guitarist Ronnie Wood (1947) has been with the Rolling Stones for 45 years, succeeding Mick Taylor. Wood is a colorful figure, especially thanks to his past as an alcoholic and drug user. He was in a rehabilitation clinic several times. The anecdotes follow each other quickly in the documentary that director Mike […]

Mikhail Timoshenko at the Paris Opera, from the chrysalis to the butterfly

The Opera by Jean-Stéphane Bron Until May 24 on operadeparis.fr After having drawn the portrait of Christoph Blocher (1), leader of the Swiss extreme right, Jean-Stéphane Bron needed to change the atmosphere. “I wanted to immerse myself in the life of a collective whose energy was at the service of an exhilarating, positive project”, remembers […]

The fight of a writer to save the village of Lacoste

The case is now well known. About twenty years ago, couturier Pierre Cardin, “the stone collector”, fell in love with Lacoste, a charming little village in the Luberon. There he bought the castle of the Marquis de Sade, which threatened ruin, and renovated it at great cost. → DOSSIER. Culture at the show: our selection […]

“For a few more bananas, the chlordecone scandal”, the dark side of banana crops

In the wake of calls for the safeguarding of France Ô, whose broadcasting should stop on August 9, France Télévisions has just proposed to the government a maintenance project. There is no doubt that the “special mention” granted on April 27 to the documentary For a few more bananas. The chlordecone scandal to 36e Montreal’s […]