United States: in New York, workers remain in the carafe

Max Katzenberg had to lay off his 60 employees within hours. “It’s a disaster”, blurted out this owner of two trendy Brooklyn restaurants, Olmsted and Maison Yaki, at tables usually reserved several weeks in advance. But he had no other choice, the closures being imposed by the measures of “social distancing” in an attempt to […]

students are launched against the UADY after suicide of medical intern

MERIDA, Yuc. (appro). – Students from the Faculty of Medicine once again attacked the authorities of the Autonomous University of Yucatán (UADY), this time due to the recent suicide of one of their colleagues at the Tahdziú clinic, where she was doing her residency. For reasons presumably related to her career, the young intern, KJGK, […]

Subway must be saved from collapse

Trump station, apple point, taco bell stop? Is that how you imagine the future of the New York subway? In whose car all passengers should be in the future, so commuters no longer fall exhausted on their seats and their dogs can no longer find a safe place underneath? With its 472 stations, 1,400 kilometers […]

After the Fed meeting: Dollar – up, euro and pound – down

At the beginning of trading on Thursday, the US dollar rose against major world currencies after a two-day meeting of the leaders of the US Federal Reserve (FRS). The ICE index, which tracks the dynamics of the US dollar against six currencies (euro, Swiss franc, yen, Canadian dollar, pound sterling and Swedish krona), added 0.24% […]

First and second grade patients

The pandemic has shown us the excruciating reality that we live as a country in terms of health, warns Dr. Andrés Castañeda Prado. With updated figures, the specialist shows that the highest incidence of patients dying from covid occurs in public hospitals, in some of which there are even first and second beds for the […]

FT: Why the falling dollar is bad news for the world

A falling dollar often boosts trade and the resilience of the world economy, as well as helping to reduce trade imbalances. However, it is unlikely that the decline in the currency registered since the beginning of the pandemic crisis will have the same effect. This is partly because the particular confluence of global currency movements […]

Dollar price today Monday, August 31

Drafting Mexico City / 31.08.2020 10:40:15 When starting operations the dollar price today Monday is up to 22.24 pesos in banks. Meanwhile, the interbank exchange rate is located at 21.84 pesos per dollar, with a drop of 0.44 percent. Citibanamex sells the dollar at 22.24 pesos, while BBVA Mexico does it on 22.14, Banorte at […]

Rodolfo Santángelo: The real exchange rate is not behind

Rodolfo Santángelo: I’ve always seen it as separate issues. The debt swap could have come out earlier, as could the negotiation with the International Monetary Fund. They are necessary but not sufficient conditions. The foreign exchange market, both official and parallel, have to do with the macroeconomic integrity of which the debt is a small […]

Technology stocks in the US outperformed the entire European stock market

The market capitalization of American technology companies reached $ 9.1 trillion on Friday. The entire European stock market, including the United Kingdom and Switzerland, is worth only $ 8.9 trillion. By comparison, in 2007 Bank of America reported that US technology stocks reached a quarter of the value of the entire European stock market across […]

How much will the dollar be at the end of the year?

According to the consulting firms and financial entities that participated in the Market Expectations Survey (REM), the wholesale dollar, regulated by the monetary authority, will rise $ 12.82 from now to the end of the year, to $ 86.4. Without yet knowing the final adherence to the debt restructuring agreement, which is anticipated to be […]