Undeclared dollars in the US: how much will AFIP collect?

AFIP will seal the tax information exchange agreement the first days of next week. What information will you access and when will it arrive? By lara lopez calvo 02/12/2022 – 15,30hs The information exchange agreement between Argentina and the United States is ready. The Government will sign it at the beginning of next week at […]

The price of the dollar today, Sunday 4-12-2022, against the Egyptian pound

We publish the price of the dollar against the Egyptian pound during morning trading in banks today, Sunday 4-12-2022, registered in the National Bank of Egypt 24.51 for purchase 24.56 pounds for sale, and in the Bank of Alexandria it recorded 24.56 pounds for purchase 24.61 pounds for sale, while the Central Bank of Egypt […]

The price of the dollar today, Saturday 12-3-2022, in Egyptian banks

The price of the dollar stabilized today, Saturday 12-3-2022, against the Egyptian pound in all banks operating in Egypt, and it was fixed in the National Bank of Egypt and Egypt at a price of 24.51 for purchase, 24.56 pounds for sale, and in the Commercial International Bank (CIB) it recorded 24.55 pounds for purchase, […]

The US dollar is falling, so are stock prices

Powell said in a speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington on Wednesday that the FRS could soften its stance on raising interest rates as early as December, when the next meeting of FRS policymakers is scheduled. “Still too high inflation forces the FRS to continue raising interest rates. But the pace of rate hikes […]

The gains of the UAE financial markets exceeded $64.9 billion in November

Malik Salameh – directUAE financial market indices varied during the trading of November of this year, with the Dubai market index declining slightly, while the Abu Dhabi Securities Market jumped 151 points from the last session last month. According to market data, the UAE financial markets achieved gains amounting to 238.31 billion dirhams, equivalent to […]

$11.3 billion in sales of “Internet Monday”

Expectations for this year’s holiday spending on the Internet were tepid, but the initial activity – driven by deep discounts – missed expectations, as “Internet Monday”, which is last Monday, collected $ 11.3 billion in online sales, according to figures from the analytics platform “Adobe Analytics”, which specializes in E-commerce activity. This spending is 5.8% […]

how is the trick that avoids the “Qatar dollar” and saves 10%

After the last reinforcement to the exchange rate, destined to discourage travel internationals, to those who make card expenses abroad that add up to more than US$ 300 in the month they apply the so-called “Qatar dollar”. And this is a problem for the pocket since today it is by far the exchange rate most […]