The Editorial | Pandemic fatigue

In Colombia, mental health care is deficient. It always has been, so as this health crisis continues to drag on, it should be a cause for concern that millions of people – seriously affected by the consequences of the economic challenges and bitter experiences accumulated during the pandemic – do not receive support. to cope […]

“This dream scenario is becoming more and more likely”

Posted on Saturday, November 21, 2020 at 11:56 a.m. The news seems to be more and more confirmed: we should be able to count on a vaccine against the covid for Christmas. The Minister of Health Franck Vandenbroucke suggested this Friday evening. Marc Kaptein, senior executive of Pfizer, speaks of an “increasingly likely scenario”. The […]

They reveal Cristiano Ronaldo’s secret to stay in high performance at 35 – Ten

Cristiano Ronaldo He is one of the best players in history. At 35 years old, the Portuguese continues to give people talk and something that is very surprising is his high performance. It may interest you: The real reason: Why does the COVID-19 vaccine affect the future of Cristiano Ronaldo? Other footballers his age play […]

On November 8th, Shuangseqiu’s 1.2 billion award event officially opened

Original title: On November 8th, the 1.2 billion Shuangseqiu award event officially opened Since the Fucai Shuangseqiu game was launched in February 2003, it has accompanied many lottery buyers for 17 springs and autumns, bringing countless surprises and happiness, and making countless dreams a reality. To be grateful for everyone to accompany all the way, […]

Nicole Anyomi’s dream comes true

October 18, 2020 at 3:58 pm Paid content: Soccer : Nicole Anyomi’s dream comes true Nicole Anyomi has already played in all of the young national teams. Now she is in the A-team for the first time. Foto: picture alliance/dpa/Peter Klaunzer Krefeld The Krefeld native has been nominated for the women’s national soccer team for […]

Menopause, a second spring for women

Feeling excessive heat in the body and gaining weight were some symptoms that made Nasiris Gutiérrez think that something strange was happening to him. He was 37 at the time, so he didn’t think it was about the decline in his reproductive hormones. However, he says, the hot spot increased in the morning and the […]

“It hurts a lot, Ciciliano was up for great things”: Víctor Pacheco

You can’t believe it. Víctor Danilo Pacheco, a prominent Atlantic footballer, still has not come out of his astonishment at the death of ex-footballer Ricardo Ciciliano. Although he was clear that he was in a serious medical condition, ‘Pachequito’ kept the hope that “the bald man”, as he sometimes called him affectionately, would leave the […]

Goodbye Paris, dream vanished daughter boss Riina – Sicily

He closed bistro on his way back to Corleone. Maybe moved again The dream of changing life vanished in a few months by moving to the Ville lumiere for Lucia Riina, 40, one of the four children of the Corleonese massacre boss Totò, who died in 2017 in prison where he ended up after 24 […]

No, you’re not dreaming. It is indeed a Ferrari limousine!

Posted on Sunday, August 9, 2020 at 6:26 p.m. By Stéphane MONSIN Do you want to stand out at Zoute this summer? This unique Ferrari 360 for sale in Australia is for you. Lovers of good taste, refrain! What fly stung the person responsible for such a sacrilege? To make this limousine, the Melbourne-based bodybuilder […]