Abstinence from gastric acid sufferers, avoid the following foods and drinks

RINGTIMES BANYUWANGI – Gastric acid is a disease caused by the increase in acidity in the stomach. Basically, there are several restrictions for people with stomach acid, such as avoiding certain types of food and drinks that cause stomach acid to rise and recur. Gastric acid in the body plays an important role in assisting […]

Tesla has launched its own brand of tequila. How much does a bottle cost

Tesla launched online, this week, its own brand of tequila, at a price of $ 250 a bottle, which quickly sold out, following a promise made in 2018 by CEO Elon Musk, Reuters reports.The photos with “Tesla Tequila” published on the company’s website show a bottle in the form of lightning, slightly different from what […]

The New York Times now has 5 million subscribers

The New York Times announced in November, when publishing its quarterly financial results, that it was approaching the symbolic threshold of 5 million subscribers. It is now done, announced Tuesday its CEO Mark Thompson. This figure aggregates digital and paper subscribers. Thus, 900,000 people receive at home the printed version of the New York Times. […]