Here the steam locomotive 01 1104 drives through the Lower Rhine

A touch of Hogwarts blew over Gocher train station on Saturday morning. One of the most famous steam locomotives in Europe, the 01 1104, started its journey through the Lower Rhine to Rüdesheim, hissing and whistling. Hundreds had gathered for the start. Either because they got one of the coveted tickets. Or because they simply […]

Glitterbox Hannover, Hannover Marketing and Tourismus GmbH (HMTG), press release

New party setup in a tried and tested celebration location: The Glitterbox on November 18th in Hanover’s Kuppelsaal (HCC) will have a different look, guests can be excited. This much can be revealed: On Stage is the new Backstage. 200 limited tickets are now available for the stage area for €59.00 plus advance booking fee. […]

Lucid’s leading electric drive technology combines with Aston Martin to create a bold electric future

Lucid and Aston Martin sign long-term strategic technology partnership to integrate and deliver Lucid’s state-of-the-art electric vehicle battery and powertrain in contracts worth more than $450 million This partnership marks the first relationship for Lucid Group’s technology company, realizing its vision of expanding the reach of the company’s products and paving the way for more […]

New drive – One-Eleven: Does Mercedes build this sports car?

Mercedes has the electric future firmly in view. A look back doesn’t hurt either. A new study will then come out. A sporty two-seater with gullwing doors, orange paint and black contrasting accents? Mercedes connoisseurs are now probably thinking of the C 111 experimental vehicle presented in 1970, which still has a modern-looking aura 50 […]

How bad are the bike paths really? A self-experiment

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Why you need coffee to drive away cockroaches

Dirty crittersItchy critters in your house, no one is waiting for that. But what can you do about swarming ants, cockroaches, silverfish or bed bugs? In this series we tell you how to avoid dealing with them and how to get them out of your house. This week: cockroaches. If there’s one thing you don’t […]

“Understanding Traffic Law: Mandatory Insurance Coverage and Driving Requirements”

The Traffic Law It obliges any driver to have valid car insurance and that at least includes the mandatory basic coverage. In fact, driving without insurance is one of the biggest sanctions and one of the ones that most reflects the irresponsibility of drivers. Specifically, the liability coverage is what is required by the regulations, […]

Strike of April 9: a drive for victory

“Those events were not only an extraordinary example of heroism, they were also an example of how a revolutionary people is capable of recovering from any setback,” Fidel said. The history of Cuba has its own light and its sparkles must be fanned over and over again. Upon arriving at the 65th anniversary of the […]