Russia to Produce Shahed Drones Locally, Intensifies Attacks on Ukraine

Russia has plans to produce until the end of the year in its own territory 1,300 Shahed drones of Iranian design that until now it imported already assembled from the Islamic country, according to information that Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) says it has obtained. “We are working to understand where exactly the drones are made […]

The Russian army bombarded Odessa with drones and rockets

On the night of August 15, the Russian army bombarded Odessa with Shahed drones and Kalibr missiles. Ukrainian authorities reported that at least three people were injured. On Monday night, apart from Odesa, an air warning was issued in a number of regions, including Kiev. According to the representative of the Armed Forces of the […]

Russian fighters destroyed a weapons depot and a workshop for manufacturing drones and killed two leaders of “Al-Nusra” west of Idlib… Sources to Al-Watan: The American occupation cannot connect Al-Tanf to Al-Bukamal and cut off the road with Iraq

Field sources familiar with what is going on in the regions of eastern Syria revealed various difficulties impeding the plans and efforts of the American occupation to move militarily on the ground to connect its illegal military base in the Al-Tanf region, at the Syrian border triangle with Jordan and Iraq, to ​​the regions of […]

Ukrainian Drone Attack Causes Damage to Russian Tanker in Kerch Strait

The Marine Rescue Coordination Center (MSCC) of the city of Novorossianin Crimea, has confirmed early this Saturday that the SIG oil tanker has suffered damage after being the target of a drone attack by Ukrainian forces. “We can say that the tanker was damaged (…) The crew is safe, they were not injured. The Maritime […]

Drones at the Palermo Exhibition offer an alternative to lower costs and increase efficiency

With several campaigns worked in sowing, fertilizing and spraying operations, these flying agricultural machines accumulate field experiences. It is known that agricultural production is among the most efficient in the world and the agricultural producer, who is the central player in the sector, knows how to distinguish quickly, almost intuitively, between the new technologies and […]

“Al-Nusra” evacuated its headquarters in the area, and the raids targeted centers for ammunition, launching drones, and weapons depots … the Russian army and military responded strongly to the “de-escalation” violations in Idlib countryside

The field scene intensified in the north, and the Syrian Arab Army continued to respond forcefully to the violations of the cease-fire by the terrorists of the “de-escalation” zone in Idlib, inflicting heavy losses on their ranks. In a statement, the Ministry of Defense revealed some of the details of the army’s military operations in […]

“Smart drones violate the Republican Equal Treatment Clause”

For the 2024 Olympics, the government had the Assembly vote a bunch of disparate laws ranging from genetic doping control to camera drones to ensure our safety. The Constitutional Council comes to endorse this project. He therefore considers that, despite the fears expressed by the MEPs behind his referral, this project does not entail any“serious […]

Moscow does not believe in drones. Who is behind them?

Earlier this week, drones flew over the Russian capital for the second time in a month. Even if the Kremlin has solid evidence of who did it, it doesn’t make it public. But he probably blames the usual suspect, Ukraine. At a time when Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine has entered its 16th month, drones […]

Drones and Bombs: Escalation of Conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Everything is repeated. As in the last days, Russia returned to bombardear Kiev on a large scale this Wednesday night May 31, 2023. A day earlier, a massive attack with drones over the Moscow region made headlines around the world. Although drones were intercepted over the Kremlin for the first time since the Russian invasion […]

Two Russian oil refineries were attacked by drones

Moscow reports that Ukrainian artillery has struck the city inside Russia three times this week. According to the information, on May 31, drone strikes were carried out on two oil refineries in Russia, and 5 people were killed as a result of artillery strikes in the territory of eastern Ukraine occupied by Russia. Reuters agency […]