In Crimea, planes are trying to cause rain

Photo: The rains came to Crimea Due to a prolonged drought, the peninsula has a catastrophic water situation. They are trying to cause precipitation artificially. Due to the lack of water in the Crimea, they are trying to artificially cause precipitation with the help of the Yak-42D aircraft, Interfax reports on Wednesday, September 30. […]

Point Nemo: the most remote point of the planet from land

There is a conditional point in the South Pacific, the most remote from any land area. The closest inhabited «terrain “- the International Space Station lying at a distance of 400 km. The most famous poles are geographical: North and South – the places where the meridians converge. But geographers recognize other points as poles. […]

Dry the weekend for Carraízo

Before the start of a rationing plan for the subscribers of the reservoir of CarraízoIt will not be until next Monday that rain events take place that could benefit this dam. According to the forecasts of the National Weather Service (SNM), no significant rainfall is expected during the weekend that could nourish the Carraízo reservoir. […]

Spray ban on Veluwe and Utrechtse Heuvelrug due to persistent drought NOW

Due to the persistent drought, it is not allowed to spray with surface water on the Veluwe and the Utrechtse Heuvelrug for the time being. The measure applies from next Monday, the Water Board Vallei en Veluwe reports Friday. The water board says it will see an increase in the precipitation deficit early in the […]

AAA Could Make “Aggressive Adjustments” Due to Decreased Reservoir Levels

The executive director of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA), Doriel Pagán Crespo, warned today, Saturday, that the public corporation could establish “aggressive adjustments” in the drinking water service as soon as next week in reservoirs like Carraízo and Guajataca due to the decrease in its water levels. The official established that since April a […]

Farmers fear the third consecutive drought summer

Dusseldorf The worried look of the farmers goes up and then down these days. For several weeks there have been hardly any rain clouds in the sky, which means that the ground is becoming increasingly dry. Memories come back to the years 2018 and 2019, when it was raining too little and the harvest of […]

How plants alert about dangers

Plants, like humans and other animals, have hormones. A role of plant hormones is to perceive problems – be it insect infestation, dryness or extreme heat or cold – and then to signal the rest of the plant that they should react. A multi-center team led by current and former researchers from the Salk Institute […]