Coronavirus: Fontana, already for several months on the territory – Lombardy

Doctors have done their homework, protocols were wrong (ANSA) – MILAN, JUNE 30 – “Serological studies and subsequent reading of medical records have confirmed the presence of the virus in the area for several months. Doctors have done their homework. The protocols were wrong”. So on Fb the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana. […]

Call of Duty Black Ops 2020: maps, game modes and news

Modern Warfare is still very much alive thanks Warzone especially. However, the normal thing is to look to the future and this time we are already thinking about the new Call of Duty that will arrive this year. It is almost 100% confirmed that it is a Blackops, but there are still some mysteries to […]

Euskadi Symphony Orchestra: «We feel the same duty as a doctor or a bus driver»

They stress that they are the first Spanish orchestra to return to activity, “accompanied by maximum security”, and give a certain epic air to this “crucial moment”. The OSE’s director general, Oriol Roch, and the head music director, Robert Treviño, highlight the symbolism that the symphony will once again offer concerts. “We feel like the […]