Merchants Seize the Pink Business Opportunity to Unleash the Potential of “She Consumption”_Huao Xingkong | Sports Industry Platform

Recently, a movie called “Barbie” was released in my country, which once again aroused people’s attention to “her consumption”. This pink trend has extended beyond theaters. Merchants are seizing the business opportunity of pink, and the related sports products and activities launched are sought after, which makes people see the huge potential of women’s sports […]

Game * Spark Review: “The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom”-A Masterpiece that Strengthens “Freedom to Share with People” and Combines “Old Zelda-like Experience” with Ultra Hand | Game * Spark

“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is a work that reviewed the previous “Atarimae of Zelda”. Equipped with non-linear gameplay due to the adoption of an open world and a highly flexible strategy that allows emergent play that even allows strategies that the developer did not envision. It created a new wind in […]

IOC’s Disappointing Choice of Games for Olympic Esports Week Raises Concerns

Chess instead of shooter IOC makes a fool of itself with Olympic e-sports idea By Michael Bauer 06/22/2023, 18:09 The International Olympic Committee deals with e-sports and gives the whole thing a huge platform with a week of events. Actually a big moment for the gaming world. Instead, the idea threatens to fail in advance […]

Said that he was addicted to “Honkai: Star Railway” and forgot to download the game server, and the reason why the Taiwanese team was disqualified in the “Special Heroes Challenge” attracted overseas attention | 4Gamers

Riot Games imports this year“Special Heroes Challenge”(Valorant Challengers Tournament 2023; VCT), planning an e-sports event system to expand the major competition areas to discover up-and-coming rookies. Although it is still in its infancy, the news of a game last week has attracted players from other game clubs outside the venue. Group – Attention Honkai: Star […]

++ New orientation and plenty of young blood for the JSG ++: FLW24

As reported a few weeks ago, JSG Aarbergen will be completely realigned from the coming season and now that it has finally managed to welcome an older A-Youth class to the still young club (founded in 2009), these players will also be approached set. New coach Ruben Borkowski can welcome plenty of young and local […]

Mega Man Battle Network has what it takes to become a serious e-sport | Column

Beters and Pokémon Written by Bastiaan Up early Monday, April 17, 2023 11:56 AM The Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection bundles Capcom’s old GBA games and adds online multiplayer. That could turn out to be an excellent e-sport. A quarter of a century later, I still have fond memories of the first Pokémon hype. […]

FIBO with its own e-sports area for the first time

Published: Thursday 04/13/2023 07:22 (PR|Archive picture) Fitness, wellness and health – that’s what FIBO is known for all over the world. It is the world’s largest trade fair for fitness trends. Starting this Thursday, fitness studio operators, manufacturers, professional athletes and influencers will meet for four days at the Cologne Exhibition Center in Deutz. Saturday […]