Earthquake in Morocco: in Tangier, police respond to call for blood donation

In the wake of the powerful earthquake that shook Morocco last Friday, the national police mobilized in force in Tangier, responding to the urgent call for blood donations. A tent was erected on the Place des Nations to welcome donors. This approach is part of a broader call, initiated by the Director General of National […]

Earthquake in Morocco: at the El Moukhtar Essoussi hospital in Taroudant, survivors testify

The earthquake which struck the province of Al Haouz, Friday September 8, 2023, left 1,037 dead and 1,200 injured, including 721 in critical condition, in the provinces and prefectures of Al Haouz, Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Azilal, Chichaoua and Taroudant. Nursing staff, firefighters and local authorities are mobilized at the El Moukhtar Essoussi provincial hospital in Taroudant […]

Iraq records 37 earthquakes during the past 5 months

We present to you, our esteemed followers, this news with the title: Iraq records 37 earthquakes during the past 5 months Which was published on our website on 2023-06-14 11:28:12 . And now to the details. Alsumaria News – Localities The Meteorology and Seismic Monitoring Authority recorded 37 earthquakes that struck ten governorates during the […]

An important clarification.. Can smartphones warn of earthquakes before they happen?

Geological expert Tony Nemer wrote on his Twitter account: Nemer added, “These waves are divided into two types:1 Body waves that extend inside the body of the globe2 Surface waves that extend exclusively on the Earth’s surface. He said: “Body waves are divided into primary waves, in relation to their speed and their first arrival […]

Turkey values ​​damage caused to industry by earthquakes at $9 billion

Los damage caused to Turkish industries by the earthquakes of February 6 amount to 9 billion dollarsinformed this Sunday the Minister of Industry and Technologies of Turkey, Mustafa Varank. He specified that some 5 thousand 600 companies than 34 industrial zones in the earthquake zone have suffered considerable damage. «We estimate the damage in infrastructure, […]

The death toll from major earthquakes in Turkey has risen to 48,448

Libya News 24 Turkey’s death toll from last month’s major earthquakes has risen to 48,448, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said on Monday. The total death toll, including those in Syria, rose to more than 54,000. The Turkish authorities are rushing to establish container cities to house those displaced by the disaster in the long […]

Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria: Tragedy and miracles of a disaster

Strong earthquakes unleashed chaos in an area that is no stranger to these phenomena, aggravated by latent geopolitical conflicts A dog sniffs through the rubble of what may be a street. Someone, knowledgeable about the city, points out that they are the remains of an apartment building in Ekinci Mahallesi, a district of Antakya (Antioquia), […]

Can Tucumán suffer earthquakes like those registered in Turkey and Syria?

To understand this more easily, let’s remember how an earthquake is generated. The outermost part of the Earth, which is known as the crust, can be imagined as a great spherical puzzle. Its pieces are the tectonic plates, but they are not still: they move in different directions pushed by the internal heat of the […]