Omicron is no longer a “variant of concern”.

Dhe European epidemic center ECDC has downgraded the threat potential of the long-dominant Sars-CoV-2 variant Omicron: from a potentially dangerous “variant of concern” to a “variant of interest”. This is the second highest of three World Health Organization categories. This means that there are currently no longer any coronavirus variants with the highest threat level. […]

The spread of pediatric hepatitis is a “public health concern”

AGI – “The current main hypothesis is that a cofactor affecting young children with an adenovirus infection, which would be mild under normal circumstances, triggers a more serious infection or immune-mediated liver injury. Other etiologies (e.g. other infectious or toxic agents) they are still under study and have not been excluded but are considered less […]

Acute hepatitis in children, alarm is growing in Europe – Health

In Europe, the alarm for acute hepatitis is spreading of unknown origin, which affect children under 10 years, in some cases with forms so severe as to cause organ failure. After those in Scotland, England and Spain, new cases have been reported in Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands and the USA. The European Center for Disease […]