“This is far from enough”

10.45 euros – but only from July 2022. The minimum wage commission has made its recommendation. SPD leader Saskia Esken is not enough. It demands changes. The minimum wage should rise – but much less than SPD leader Saskia Esken has been demanding for a long time. The Federal Government’s minimum wage commission recommends that […]

With the health crisis, are banknotes really disappearing?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – While virtual means of payment are on the rise, the European Central Bank notes a sharp increase in the outstanding amount of banknotes in circulation. How to explain this apparent contradiction? Banknotes in circulation during the last four months have increased by 91 billion euros in the last four months. AFP […]

Macron in Germany: what will the European Union’s recovery plan consist of?

Politics FRANCO-GERMAN MEETING – The President of the Republic is going to Germany on Monday to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel. On the menu for their discussions: the European Union recovery plan. 2020-06-28T17: 13: 35.926Z – The drafting of LCI It is their first meeting since the health crisis linked to the coronavirus. Head of State […]

75 billion euros: the French are still saving more despite the deconfinement

Social ECONOMY (S) – The French have set aside 75 billion euros during the containment but also the deconfinement that followed, according to a report from the OFCE. This accumulated forced savings could help revive the economy … if it is spent. 2020-06-27T12:00:33.666Z – The drafting of LCI With the Covid-19 crisis, the French were […]

12 million more mexicans without income in April

Don’t think I have read a figure as ominous and oppressive as the survey of Inegi, which gives an account of the loss of income of 12 million mexicans in the month of April. The Inegi reports that, during the month of April, 12.3 percent of the working-age population stopped working, the equivalent to 12 […]

The French expect more from brands

The crisis has increased the demands of consumers in terms of price, work or ecology. 66% of consumers now think that what brands communicate does not correspond to reality. 57838481 / tanialerro – stock.adobe.com “A new capitalism, as it calls for Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire, requires new advertising “, according to the advertiser […]