consumption at half mast due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Published on : 23/08/2020 – 15:22 “Pandemic depression” (a term used by the World Bank) is having terrible effects in Africa. Example with South Africa, the most developed economy on the continent. Already in bad shape before confinement, it sinks a little deeper into the crisis. The consumer sector is hit hard. The country is […]

Lebanon, a country on its knees

The successive crises and the catastrophe of August 4, which destroyed part of Beirut, plunge Lebanon into a disorder which risks reaching the point of no return. From our correspondent in Beirut, « Furniture, car, jewelry, we sold it all. We are going with the children to Canada! ” The day after the double explosion […]

The economy recovers in the summer: Bundesbank expects very strong growth

Because of the measures to contain the corona pandemic, the German economy collapses massively in the first half of the year. The Bundesbank now sees the bottom of the valley and predicts “very strong” economic growth. Nevertheless, the outlook remains bleak. According to the Bundesbank, the economy is currently picking up strongly and is thus […]

Already 12 countries are now experiencing recession

JAKARTA, – After Britain joined 10 countries experiencing recession, two countries are now experiencing recession, namely Malaysia and Poland. The entry of the two countries has made the countries that have officially announced a recession amid the Covid-19 pandemic to 12 countries. Previously, 10 countries had announced a recession amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Most […]

“It is compatible with all other bonds”

Near 100,000 households will benefit from Special Rent Subsidy for the Middle Class, for which you can apply until next August 24. As of yesterday, 25,000 applications had already been received, as reported in Citizen DNA the director of the Housing and Urbanization Service (Serviu) of the Metropolitan Region, Juana Nazal. The process, Nazal explained, […]

2 ASEAN Countries Recession, Who Will Be Threatened Following?

Jakarta – Two ASEAN countries are experiencing recession due to the economic crisis that occurred amid the Corona pandemic. Singapore and the Philippines have officially entered into the brink of recession. After the two countries, the recession still looms over the economies of ASEAN countries. Not only Singapore and the Philippines, several other countries are […]

Uber and in turmoil

Collapse in turnover, abysmal losses, workforce reduced by a quarter… Worries are piling up. At (here the Tourcoing site) the global workforce should be reduced by a quarter. More than 4,000 jobs are at risk. PASCAL ROSSIGNOL/REUTERS Even expected, the free fall in the results of the past semester makes you dizzy. At the […]

The job market is starting again: Short-time work saves up to four million jobs

Thursday July 30, 2020 Light at the end of the tunnel: The consequences of the corona crisis on the German labor market are weakening. Unemployment rose only slightly in July. Yet hundreds of thousands more are looking for a job than a year ago. Short-time work also secures the job for millions of people. The […]

what remuneration from August 1, 2020?

The government will decide by August 1 whether or not it affects the remuneration of the preferred investment of the French: the livret A. In February 2020, savers had a bad surprise: the remuneration of the libretto had fallen to its all-time low, after a drop of 0.5%. To mature its decision, Bercy will base […]