Was the whole world LIE? Images that betray the TOP SECRET mission on the moon

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft observed some strange, light-colored rocks on the surface of the asteroid Bennu, and after a brief analysis, scientists found that they most likely came from another asteroid, much larger than Bennu. Since December 2018, the small spacecraft has closely observed the asteroid Bennu, which is close to Earth and has a diameter […]

The risk of transmission through aerosols, WHO warns of delay to dentists

JawaPos.com – The World Health Organization (WHO) is calling on people to delay going to the dentist if it is not an emergency. A delay is recommended until the transmission rate of Covid-19 drops significantly. The WHO also warned the public about the risk of dental procedures that might result in aerosol sprays from the […]

Why Hyundai GM plant in St. Petersburg

Photo: Sergey Konkov Creta and Seltos in Russia: why does Hyundai need a GM plant in St. Petersburg Photo: Sergey Konkov 5983 Svetlana Afonina 29 July 2020, 09:29 Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus, a Russian manufacturing subsidiary of the Hyundai concern, has filed a petition with the FAS to purchase 94.83% of fixed assets from General […]

Four-day bargain over: EU summit agrees on economic recovery fund – Financenet

The “savers” were reluctant to fund the bloc’s southern countries, which they said were being too careless with their spending. However, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, together with Macron, used her influence in favor of an ambitious economic recovery package, rejecting Berlin’s strong commitment to fiscal discipline and strong opposition to joint and several liability for […]

US Will Start Covid-19 Vaccine Production Late This Summer

Covesia.com – The drug manufacturing company, in cooperation with the United States Government, is in the process of producing the COVID-19 vaccine late this summer, a top government official said on Monday (7/13). “If it is said exactly when vaccine ingredients will begin to be produced, maybe in the next four or six weeks, but […]

The economic rebound is real but still fragile

The tone of the new INSEE conjuncture note, published this Wednesday, has changed. “ Almost two months after the start of the deconfinement started on May 11, the French economy has recovered quite sharply “, Indicates the statistical institute, for which the companies of the sectors which are not any more constrained by measures of […]

Worse-than-expected recession in Europe

The European Commission has downgraded its activity forecast for the year due to a “ economic impact of the containment more serious than what we had initially planned “Said Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis on Tuesday. Instead of the 7.7% forecast for May, the decline in euro area GDP for this year would ultimately be 8.7%. An […]