Switzerland imported significantly more Russian gold in January – Economy –

21.02.2023 17:31 (Akt. 21.02.2023 21:23) Gold bars of different sizes ©APA/dpa Swiss imports of gold from Russia rose in January. There was an increase of 19.3 percent from December to 5.66 tons of the precious metal, according to a report by the news agency sda-AWP on Tuesday. According to the Federal Office for Customs and […]

Xi Jinping Calls for Lifting International Sanctions on Iran

Xi Jinping Calls for Lifting International Sanctions on Iran. PHOTO/Reuters BEIJING – President of China, Xi Jinping and his Iranian counterpart, Ebrahim Raisi on Thursday (16/2) called for the repeal penalty against Iran as an integral part of the stalled international agreement regarding its nuclear program. Xi also accepted an invitation from Raisi to visit […]

Blocking Doesn’t Work, This Is Russia’s Way to Outsmart Western Import Sanctions

loading… The import ban sanctions applied by the West are ineffective with the parallel import steps taken by Russia. Photos/Illustrations JAKARTA – More than USD 12 billion of goods blocked by sanctions Russia managed to import from third-party countries this year. It negates the import sanctions imposed by the West to punish Russia for its […]

Revealed, White House Secretly Asks US Banks to Do Business with Russia

loading… The White House quietly asked US banks to keep doing business with Russia. Photo/Illustration WASHINGTON – A report says the Joe Biden administration has personally urged leading US banks such as JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup to continue doing business with strategic Russian firms despite sanctions. It was Bloomberg who published the report citing […]

Russia claims to have found ‘antidote’ to Western sanctions

loading… Russia claims to have found an antidote to Western sanctions. PHOTO/Reuters MOSCOW – Minister of Finance Russia , Anton Siluanov praised the series of measures his ministry developed in response to sanctions pressure on Russia. According to him, the country has “found an antidote” penalty . Siluanov said this in a documentary about the […]

Habeck plans sharper trading course against China

13. September 2022 Habeck intensifies rhetoric against China © APA / dpa / Bernd von Jutrczenka In the future, the German government will take a sharper course against China in trade policy. This was announced by Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck (Greens) on Tuesday in an interview with the Reuters news agency. China is a welcome […]

Imports from Russia: 23 billion euros for Putin’s war

Pel pel Peuhlluupoutlllh pep Vepleup aeaeuepel Bnppteup, leltle elu Uellellhet pel „Peppenlpekeu Nellnua“ heletlek peleuu uelptettleu Uepelu Oll, „huuule ep ule pelnO aekeu, Bnllu vllhtlek lu ple Gule en evluaeu, puupelu ep puttle elu Nelekeu aeaeu peu Gllea nup tel ple Blelkell aepelel velvet“. VteplOll Bnllu lpl lu pel Iel scared lu ple Gule aeevnuaeu […]

Russia fires missiles from the Caspian Sea

July 16, 2022 Destruction after Russian attacks in Nikopol, Ukraine © APA/AFP/- Russia has fired rockets at Ukraine from the Caspian Sea region, according to sources in Kyiv. Four out of a total of six missiles were intercepted on Saturday over the Dnipro areas in the east and Zaporizhia in the south, the Ukrainian air […]

Hard! Moscow warns of retaliation for confiscation of Western assets in Russia

loading… Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova. Photo/Reuters MOSCOW – Russia signaled that it is not ruling out the idea of ​​seizing Western assets and businesses in the country. The tough measure will be taken if the West decides to use Russian-owned assets frozen abroad. In a media briefing, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova […]