To raise prices for a total of 12 house foods | au Web Portal Economy / IT News

House food “Umaka-chan” cooking example 5 types of “Umaka-chan” series and “I like you” (house foods) The classic “Umaka-chan” and “Umaka-chan ” “Umaka-chan ” “Umaka-chan ” “Umaka-chan Regarding “I like tonkotsu”, the price of 1 piece will be increased from the current price of 111 yen to the new price of 123 yen, and the […]

Sushiro Closed on 10th and 11th | au Web Portal Economy / IT News

“Sushiro” store image Sushiro official website “Notice of closure of all stores” Benefits and other coupons that expire on May 10th and 11th, 2022 will not be available after the expiration date. In addition, some take-out specialty stores “Sushiro To Go” will be closed for three days from May 10th to May 12th. The stores […]

Voluntary collection of 7 Daifuku 28,000 | au Web Portal Economy / IT News

“Mame Daifuku using red beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido” voluntarily collected by Seven-Eleven Japan = Provided by the company Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. announced on the 1st that it will voluntarily collect a total of 27,679 “Daifuku beans made from red beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido” sold at about 5,200 stores in […]

Tawaman Repair costs when aging | au Web Portal Economy / IT News

What will happen to the housing situation in Tokyo in 2030, when the “aging of the elderly” is advancing (Photo: Takki / FIFO) Masashi Kawai, the author of the best-selling “Future Chronology”, and Tomohiro Makino, the author of the “Unoccupied House Problem” (winning the Real Estate Association Award), talked about “Tokyo in 2030”.Previous articleCalled a […]

BONX Financing totaling about 700 million yen | au Web Portal Economy / IT News

BONX announced on September 6 that it has raised a total of about 700 million yen from Globis Capital Partners, Mori Trust, JR East Start Up and others. The funds raised will be invested in “teamwork” to realize BONX’s mission of “creating a smile and the future for the team.” BONX was established in 2014. […]