State Budget: Education: a historic budget amid doubts about Meduca’s ability to impact educational quality – Exclusive Content

Panama City, Panama/The Ministry of Education (Meduca) presented before the National Assembly a historic budget that will see the entity’s investment spending quintuple from $300 million to $1.6 billion. But there are still strong doubts about whether the institution has the capacity to use that money to produce a significant impact on the country’s educational […]

Our concern is people’s safety, not visa policy

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) is an important and professional organization of the state. DMP ensures public safety. DMP has nothing to do with visa policy, it is a state matter. DMP Joint Commissioner (Operations) Biplab Kumar Sarkar said these things while talking to reporters on Sunday (September 24) about the US visa policy. He said, […]

Two mobile hospitals were given to the Ministry of Education

President Sadyr Japarov handed over two field hospitals to the Ministry of Emergency Situations on September 24. Mobile hospitals were provided by China on the basis of non-reimbursable grants within the framework of agreements between the leaders of the two countries. “Taking into account the emergency situations that alarm the people of the world, two […]

Bhimrul bite death of expatriate in Munshiganj

Munshiganj Sadar upazila while taking home the branches of trees cut by Vimrul got injured. A returnee named Asad Majhi (45) died. He died on Saturday (September 23) evening while undergoing treatment at Munshiganj General Hospital. Asad is the son of Hamid Majhi of Noorpur area. According to local and police sources, Asad recently returned […]

Thousands at demonstrations for a better education system

Thousands of people demonstrated for better education in more than 30 cities in Germany. The organizers spoke of 15,000 demonstrators nationwide. According to police information, around 4,500 people took part in Berlin and around 2,000 in Cologne and Munich. In Central Germany, too, people took to the streets to demand better conditions in daycare centers […]

Berlin & Brandenburg: Protesters take to the streets for good education

Berlin & Brandenburg demonstrators take to the streets for good education September 23, 2023, 4:21 p.m Potsdam (dpa/bb) – A few hundred people demonstrated in Potsdam on Saturday for more investment in good education. An alliance supported by trade unions, educational associations, parents’ and student representatives called “Education Turnaround Now!”, which organized protest actions in […]

Gerhard Schmid was re-elected as Federal Education Chairman with almost 90 percent

Federal Education Conference of the SPÖ: “The Future of Social Democracy” Vienna (OTS) – “Social democracy is more important today than ever. It is important for social justice, for distributive justice, for equal opportunities,” emphasized the chairman of the SPÖ federal education organization, LAbg. Gerhard Schmid, on Saturday at the SPÖ federal education […]

Poverty, lack of education and violence: the panorama of Huila women

One of the tasks that Opita society has is to work on reducing the wage gap that affects women, there are few who earn more than three minimum wages and this situation would be linked to the lack of academic training that affects this population group. Poverty, lack of education and violence: the panorama of […]