demonstration in support of the participants of the New Year’s rave party

The police reported on Twitter 14 arrests, slight damage and three mobile gendarmes injured by mortar fire. «Hands off my party!“: Several hundred”chirps“Demonstrated Saturday January 23 in Rennes to defend the”free parties” against the “repression»Launched after the rave of Lieuron (Ille-et-Vilaine) which brought together 2400 people at the New Year. The demonstrators threw various projectiles […]

Young people from Krefeld have different priorities

January 22, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. Paid content: Shortage of young talent in Krefeld : Young people have different priorities Skilled workers such as industrial mechanics are in demand. Photo: Lammertz, Thomas (lamm) Krefeld The German economy is fighting against the shortage of young skilled workers. Today there is statistically more than one apprenticeship position […]

’48 books to do sex education ‘, a guide to answer the doubts of the little ones

To read! The sexual orientation service of the University of Oviedo collects and allows downloading informative material to help parents As children get older, countless questions arise about sex education: where do children come from, what is menstruation … There are many doubts and, sometimes, parents are not very clear how to formulate the answers […]

Liévin: the Motor Education Institute moves

Lhe Motor Education Institute (IEM) in Vent de Bise will finally have its new premises. They will be on Nelson-Mandela Street. The site is launched. “It was long…” launches Mayor Laurent Duporge who continues: “It was difficult. We have been looking for a place for nearly ten years. “… .

▷ BLLV President Fleischmann: School year should not be taken into account

21.01.2021 – 16:16 PHOENIX Bonn / Munich (ots) The deputy federal chairman of the Association of Education and Upbringing Simone Fleischmann suggested that the current school year should not be taken into account. “This school year is not a normal one and the children do not have the opportunity to show their achievements in distance […]