RappiPay and Uflow an alliance that seeks access to credit in Latin America by 2023

RappiPay and uFlow partnered to implement Decision Engines that automate RappiPay’s credit assessment processes and allow users to more efficiently and quickly access their RappiCard credit card. Some of the benefits of this product are: have no handling fee, allow 1% cashback on each purchase, or return up to 5% of purchases when purchasing flights, […]

Colombian students will not have to validate a bachelor’s degree in Spain

Colombia and Spain signed an agreement so that Colombian students do not need to validate their bachelor’s degree in that country. The agreement was reached after the meeting between the Vice Minister of Higher Education of Colombia, Aurora Vergara Figueroa, with the Minister of Universities and the Secretary of State for Ibero-America of the Ministry […]

In Draguignan, the 6th graders of Emile-Thomas college reveal their haka

They transcended themselves yesterday morning in the small amphitheater in the courtyard of their school. Around 10 a.m., the eight 6th grade classes each unveiled their own creation: a haka. The college students thus transformed themselves into little warriors in front of a conquered public. A beautiful demonstration within the college which intervenes within the […]

Our 2022 ranking of the best cities in Europe to study in

Par Marti Blancho Published 9 hours ago, Update 9 hours ago Combining teaching quality, affordable prices and vibrant student life is no small feat. Marc Calleja / stock.adobe.com EXCLUSIVE – Quality of life, rents, budget, transport, weather, security… We have classified European cities on the basis of around twenty criteria related to student life. More […]